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a polynomial consisting of terms all of the same degree

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Taking these results into account--while acknowledging the importance of inverse demand in advanced economics--we suggest that early instruction begin with graphs in a homogeneous form and that inverse demand be introduced later, when the benefits are greatest.
To answer this question, we compared several mixed forms: the standard heterogeneous combination of algebraic direct demand and graphical inverse demand and alternative algebra-graph combinations (direct-direct or inverse-inverse) in homogeneous forms.
3) may have infinite eigenvalues, it is natural to look at the homogeneous form of these problems.
While [5] used the homogeneous form for the subspace extraction phase, this paper will exploit this form of the polynomial eigenproblem to propose an alternative Newton or JacobiDavidson type subspace expansion process.
Table 2 presents the eigenvalues obtained from the homogeneous form of equations.
UN Studio's new provincial museum in Nijmegen explores how these demands can be integrated into a composite, homogeneous form, capable of absorbing and responding to changing conditions.
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