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having a feeling of home

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In recruiting and empowering this suicidal army while polarizing the Islamic world against the West, Bush is pushing the world ever closer to the mother of all battles--the apocalypse he believes is necessary before his homies can be raptured into the kingdom of heaven.
LOS ANGELES -- Homies Unidos, a Los Angeles-based organization composed mostly of ex-gang members, is working to break the cycle of gang membership that extends from California to El Salvador.
I was just skateboarding and snowboarding with my homies, and girls weren't really that big a part of my life.
Stansell is hopeful that Ma and others will be able to organize a project for deportees similar to Homies Unidos of El Salvador.
Children are very interested in stories about the lives of the volunteers such as those told to them by Alex Sanchez, a former gang member and now a leader of Homies Unidos.
The exhibition was an instant hit, and for weeks Exit Art was filled with punks, socialites, homies, lawyers, jazzbos, fogies, and Parsons grads, all seemingly spellbound before walls of twelve-inch mandalas.
One thing he never thought he'd see, though, was himself on a city council ballot, and none of his homies could be more surprised than he is when the tortuous path of his young life leads him back to the activist footsteps of his Black Panther, mostly absentee, father.
The Compton Homies and The POPz , from Compton Cricket Club, is drawn from the homeless and former members of the district's notorious street gangs, such as the Crips and the Bloods.
She is a reluctant role-model to her homies and a vixen to the many men who want, but can't have her.
Now the popular Homies characters are rolling for the first-time ever onto the Nintendo DS([TM]), as Destineer today announces Homie Rollerz.
Yeah, actually three or four years ago me and some homies went to a party and got 4 Lokos.
Donning Snoop Dogg furs, a diamantestudded gold mouth grill, bling chains, a leopard print-trimmed trilby and brandishing a rapper cane, Grimmers mimes, bumps and grinds with his freshest showbiz homies, including the 1D lads, Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32, Conor Maynard and, um, Doctor Who posho Matt Smith.
What about all the homies, the gin and juice, the swaying palm trees, the sun-kissed skin 24-7.
I think that's more a case of me being an out-of-touch fuddy duddy who clearly isn't hip and down with my homies.
When I get there, all my homies are there,'' he said.