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preparatory school work done outside school (especially at home)

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However, the company identified a large number of people in the UAE with relevant and transferrable skills that were ideal candidates to run a travel business for the homeworking group, particularly hoteliers looking for a career change.
But homeworking shouldn't be viewed as way of cutting costs.
The relationship between job status and access to homeworking is borne out when the spotlight is turned onto administrative jobs.
TUC North East Regional Secretary Beth Farhat said: "These figures show how hundreds of thousands of people in the region have embraced homeworking.
Homeworking is seen as one of the new business cultures for QS firms to execute and presume to survive in construction industry.
The biggest increases have been in the South East, Scotland and Wales, although nine out of 10 new homeworking jobs are part-time.
Homeworking was seen to have moved forward once again: 42% of survey respondents now allow some agent homeworking to take place, with the overall number of homeworking agents more than tripling since 2007.
There are two broad categories of homeworking and these are: * Manufacturing processes, for example machine sewing, dressmaking knitting etc.
Lower construction costs, fewer planning restrictions and the growth of homeworking are creating a buoyant market for outbuildings, sheds, log cabins and garden offices according to tradesmen polled by Screwfix.
The women stressed the importance of flexible hours for full time jobs, homeworking, followed by support for childcare.
Broad strategies such as homeworking support and green power generation are also discussed.
This enables homeworking for senior management in Europe (including our finance director) and also facilitates dealings with our publicly-listed parent company in Australia.
The aim of OFT's Scams Awareness Month, which has run throughout February, is to arm consumers with the skills and knowledge needed to protect themselves from mass-marketed scams, and the sweep is understood to be focused on homeworking scams.