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preparatory school work done outside school (especially at home)

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Yet the company's home work system did not end until 1935, when all tag manufacturers, as members of the Tag Industry Code Association (a trade association), jointly agreed to abolish the system.
Sixty percent (60%) of union staff had prior residential group home work experience, while only 32% of non-union employees had prior group home work experience.
To prevent such abuses, the Roosevelt Administration banned most forms of industrial home work in 1942.
A careful look at Home Work reveals that most home builders featured were in their 20s when Shelter was published.
The effort to deregulate home work in six garment-related industries (knitted outerwear was deregulated in 1984) and to expand it in telecommunications and clerical work goes against assumptions central to modern labor relations--that labor-standards legislation is necessary and that home labor is intrinsically exploitative.
Has failed to reproduce smart home work in two racecourse outings but deserves another chance.
Their unique concept, which has created at home work for over 1500 people, has made them the largest employer in the country of Lebanon.
Photo: Decorating touches such as bonsai trees can make an office or home work space more personal.
Investigators then raided one of the Guess contractors itself, Kelly Sportswear of El Monte, and found additional evidence of illegal home work, as well as other alleged violations.
Technology in the home is no longer just for entertainment or bringing home work," said Mr.
There's also the challenge of making the home work space efficient and user-friendly.
Peter Matthews, managing director of Nucleus, comments; "The ASDA @t home work can almost be seen as acting as a showcase for all Nucleus' very best skills and resources.
This includes program management, training, technology, identification of appropriate equipment, furniture and connectivity, inspection/development/installation of home work sites and quality assurance programs to monitor employee productivity as well as performance.
Over the next 12 days, Home Works 7 will stage a varied slate of recent and newly commissioned work that ranges over visual and performing arts -- theater, lecture, lecture performance, exhibitions and film screenings.
The marvellous prize in our free competition includes a complete new kitchen from MFI home works, exciting new Lifestyle range, worth pounds 4000, inclusive of the fitting costs.