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imperial dynasty that ruled China (most of the time from 206 BC to AD 220) and expanded its boundaries and developed its bureaucracy


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It is the first company in the world to commercialize products such as the Internet-enabled refrigerator, which can be connected through broadband and also acts as a home server or main gateway to the home network.
This capability enables providers to offer "triple play" services of POTS, high speed Internet access, broadcast and on-demand video over the home network to lower customer churn and increase revenue per customer.
As home networks have moved beyond tech-savvy users to mainstream broadband subscriber households, the need for home network support services has increased.
The homes with broadband, but especially those with a home network are believed to be the main potential customers for digital home devices/services.
The more PCs in a household, the greater the likelihood that the household will have, or install, a home network.
Regional forecasts are provided for installed home networks and installed networks by wired and wireless LAN interface categories.
HomePNA providers do not have the labor costs of new-wire networks, can remotely monitor and update home networks and potentially push new services to the home remotely.
Fastest Data Rate for Delivering Multiple IP Entertainment Data Streams, VoIP and Internet Data Over Existing Coax as Well as Phone Wires Future-Proofs Home Networks
This research report analyzes the comprehensive home networking market and corresponding industries that focus on the consumer home network, both broadband to the home and networking inside the home.
Home Network Installations by Type of Residence (Apartment Sizes in Meters2)
DiXiM DMA HAK (DiXiM -- Digital Media Adapter -- Hardware Adaptation Kit) is a kit product that enables a quick and low-cost development of digital media player for use on a home network, and consists of DigiOn's home network middleware, reference hardware with a powerful media processor, OS, and drivers.
com/reports/c39266) has announced the addition of Consumer Interest in Value-Added Managed Home Network Services - Volume II to their offering.
a joint company of the two companies, today announced a collaboration agreement to accelerate the realization of next-generation home network service.
announced it will develop DiXiM DMA HAK (Hardware Adaptation Kit) Media Center Extender Version, adding support for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Media Center Extender Technology (or "MCX Technology," code named "Pika") to their home network media player, DiXiM DMA (Digital Media Adapter), used to develop digital appliances for use on a home network.
Once installed in the home, Enure's software completely manages the home network inconspicuous to the user, eliminating the need for consumers to understand complex technology set up, configuration, management and repair processes.