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Unbeknown to most, when they were off screen, the comedians were avid home movie makers and chronicled everything about their lives.
The programme was a partnership project with the National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales, and also features home movies that have lain for years in the archive's vaults.
Other home movies show the family taking part in the Brodick Games and Lady Jean water skiing behind her family boat.
Amateur Filmmaking: The Home Movie, the Archive, the Web
8220;The new version comes with all-new and user-friendly interface and it gives our users much more abilities to customize their sweet home movies.
His uncle Jackie said: "Prince is always around the house with his movie camera, making home movies with all the nieces and nephews.
Young has made her own home movies, she wanted something more professional.
Home movie footage is needed for a television documentary charting the history of the holiday camp, including the former Butlins at Hafan Y Mr, near Pwllheli.
Home movie of life in World War II is a vital insight into how the population of Britain went about their daily lives from 1939 - 1945.
THOSE old home movies gathering dust at the back of a cupboard can be brought back to cinematic life tonight with a little help from the Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle.
When you're watching home movies, you're immediately taken back to those days, remembering all the emotions.
Teessiders are being asked to search their lofts and attics for home movies to be shown at a special screening.
From Super 8 home movies of Peterson's boyhood growing up close to the Midwestern Earth to voice-over narration about his adult hopes, dreams and personal struggles, viewers gain a unique perspective on what it means to go against the conventions of an insular society in search of a better world.
Organized for quick and easy reference or on-the-job use, Visual Effects for Film & Television is a "must-have" tips, tricks, and techniques manual especially for professionals, yet also invaluable for students and amateurs seeking to push their talents a step beyond simple home movies.
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