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the government department in charge of domestic affairs

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(usually plural) the office that serves as the administrative center of an enterprise

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If, for example, a business client is injured in the home office, this incident may be excluded from a basic homeowners policy.
The crowd stood outside the Home Office, in Union Street, holding signs reading "No human is illegal" and "We need your support" as they asked for a representative of the Home Office to meet and receive their letter.
It is important to note that the home office claim is not calculated based on the rooms used, but on the floor area used (a 15 percent claim is typical of such calculations).
He said: "The last thing the Home Office should do is waste taxpayers' money.
According to the survey, if offered, 68 percent of the respondents would be more encouraged to take a standard home office deduction rather than itemize their expenses.
The deduction is limited to income from home office activities, but any allowable excess deduction may be carried forward to future tax years, where it will again be subject to the income limitation.
Chairman Dave McLuckie said: "We told the Home Office from the start that they were wrong in forcing through mergers and we feel we had no choice but to spend this money.
She said: "I understand that the four chief constables have written to Sir Ronnie Flanagan expressing grave concern in the 75% cut the Home Office have made in their budgets for protective services.
It is not the first time that members of the judiciary have expressed concern over the way failed asylum seekers and other foreign nationals have been treated as the Home Office acts to counter criticism that deportations are not being carried out fast enough.
A portion of A's unit is exclusively used as a home office (200 square feet); the remainder is used as a personal residence (1,000 square feet).
April 20 ( The Chronicle reveals the situation and launches a campaign to rally local support and ask the Home Office to reconsider
As a homeowner, he'll still be able to write off the home office and related expenses.
It also can be argued that a fully implemented real-time company doesn't need a physical "brick-and-mortar" home office.
A new book demonstrates how to safeguard your home office against break-ins and accidents.
home office and travels extensively to preach the benefits of telecommuting.
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