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the government department in charge of domestic affairs

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(usually plural) the office that serves as the administrative center of an enterprise

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People from all over America, in all 50 states are using Home Office Careers to find screened online employment.
Even if the home office is converted back to personal use before the year of the sale, IRC section 121(d)(6) says the gain exclusion still does not apply.
The Tax Court in the Hamacher case held that, in light of the fact that the employer (acting school) had provided an office for the taxpayer and did not require or expect for him to do any work at home, the administrative duties performed by the taxpayer in his home office was for his own convenience, comfort or economy, and not for the convenience of his employer.
This option is the most practical, for the right company-wide standard financial software accomodating local and home office multi-currency needs has a number of virtues.
The need to be more productive is translating into extended workdays for professionals, and the number of home office households used by corporate employees to work outside of normal business hours will surpass 27 million at the end of 2015.
The Association of Home Office Underwriters was created last year when the two organizations representing life underwriting professionals agreed to merge.
Over the past few years, changing business trends and new technology led to a huge growth in home offices.
We're now wiring up second bedrooms that can be converted into home offices, but we aren't building separate home office spaces," said Andrea Anker, director of marketing for Colony Homes Management Corp.
For more information about the home office deduction, visit your local IRS office, or check out the IRS' Website at www.
For the European furniture industry these changes are creating a new growth opportunity for home office furniture.
Home Office Careers is introducing a new recruitment service dedicated exclusively to outsourcing for home office positions.
However, the TAM helpfully points out that an employee can deduct business expenses related to a home office when he receives reimbursements included in salary instead of rent payments.
The home office has come a long way since the days of an electronic typewriter sitting on a desk.
Taxpayers whose residences are their principal places of business, however, may deduct daily transportation expenses between a home office and other temporary or regular work locations related to their trade or business.
With American Network Systems' Home Office Voice Mail, small and home office businesses with two or more phone lines can make like the "big boys.
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