Homarus americanus

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Use of serum protein concentration as an indicator of quality and physiological condition in the lobster Homarus americanus (Milne-Edwards, 1837).
1995), and American lobster Homarus americanus (Wahle and Steneck, 1992) are all highly mobile as pelagic larvae and as adults, but are shelter-restricted as early juveniles.
Wang GQ (2015) Storage and on-growth of adult lobsters Homarus americanus in inshore benthic cages.
Effects of crude oil on American lobster Homarus americanus larvae in the laboratory.
The exoskeleton of the lobster Homarus americanus as an example of a smart anisotropic biological material.
1980) Jasus edwardsii CPUE Mendelssohn (1981) Katsuwonus pelamis catch/effort Fogarty (1988) Homarus americanus catch/CPUE Jeffries et al.
In Homarus americanus, each lobe has a major collecting duct, and on each side of the animal the three collecting ducts lead into the major collecting duct that empties into the midgut (Factor, 1981; Factor & Naar, 1985).
Biesiot (1986) found that [alpha]-amylase activity increased from 25 to 50 C in Homarus americanus.
ABSTRACT: There is virtually no information on the pelagic early life history stages of American lobster, Homarus americanus, in the New York Bight despite the fishery for this species in the region.
Crustaceans American lobster All post-larval stages use Homarus americanus shelter in polyhaline-marine waters.
Spatial and temporal patterns in recruitment for american lobster, Homarus americanus, in the northwestern Atlantic.
KEY WORDS: Homarus americanus, aspartic peptidase, cysteine peptidases, crustacean protein digestion, American lobster
Water temperature influences the behavior and distribution patterns of both larval and adult American lobster Homarus americanus.
Florida's "lobsters" are distant 1 cousins of Homarus americanus, or American lobster, that's found in colder waters.
Lobster trap video: in situ video surveillance of the behavior of Homarus americanus in and around traps.