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2010) en larvicultura del bogavante Homarus gammarus reporta que la suplementacion de MOS en la dieta estabilizo los niveles de bacterias intestinales en comparacion con el control y al mismo tiempo disminuyo significativamente (P < 0,05) el recuento total de vibrios (TVC).
One-year-old juvenile European lobsters Homarus gammarus exposed to shelter can locate and settle into shelter more quickly than inexperienced juveniles (van der Meeren, 2001).
Beal BF, Mercer JP, O'Conghaile A (2002) Survival and growth of hatchery-reared individuals of the European lobster, Homarus gammarus (L.
Biesiot (1986) found that [alpha]-amylase activity increased from 25 to 50 C in Homarus americanus.
The expansion of this habitat type in the Bight by man's addition of solid material has probably had an effect on LMR distributions and fisheries (such as American lobster, Homarus americanus; cod, Gadus morhua; red hake, Urophycis chuss; ocean pout, Macrozoarces americanus; scup, Stenotomus chrysops; black sea bass, Centropristis striata; and tautog, Tautoga onitis) and possible effect on other resources, but these effects are not well known nor well understood.
Spatial and temporal patterns in recruitment for american lobster, Homarus americanus, in the northwestern Atlantic.
This subfamily includes two genera known from the Lower Cretaceous, Homarus and Hoploparia (Glaessner, 1969).
Lobster nutrition: the effect on Homarus americanus of dietary protein levels.
Water temperature influences the behavior and distribution patterns of both larval and adult American lobster Homarus americanus.
Florida's "lobsters" are distant 1 cousins of Homarus americanus, or American lobster, that's found in colder waters.
Lobster trap video: in situ video surveillance of the behavior of Homarus americanus in and around traps.