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Holy Writ is, in fact, Political Writ and about as "holy" as Swiss cheese.
Holy Writ is oral lit, and Dundes insists that folkloric scholarship can easily prove the oral creation and context of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures.
Crafted by a conclave of "Wise Persons" headed by former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev, it is set to become the Holy Writ of the UN's new "global spirituality.
You may argue that it is self-evidently the work of the devil and is not forbidden merely because the sport did not exist in the days when holy writ was being prepared.
As rapidly improving print technologies and distribution networks transformed Bible publishing in the early nineteenth century, Holy Writ itself took on all the protean qualities of the commercial revolution.
Two Nobel Prizes have been awarded for work on the prion theory and once a theory has been, in the jargon, 'enNobeled' it becomes virtually Holy Writ.
His major work comprises the trilogy Protrepticus (Exhortation, for novice Christians and interested outsiders), Paedagogus (Exposition of Christian ethics, suffixing an early Christian hymn, notable for incorporating key thoughts and words from paganism, still vibrant in Orthodox Greek liturgy), and Stromateis (Miscellanies), "a work of immense erudition, a tapestry of Holy Writ and secular knowledge, a synthesis of Christian literature with Greek and Jewish that explains much history" (Eusebius).
If relativism is our secular religion, judges our high priests, then the Charter of Rights is our holy writ.
He admitted he did not know Rabbi Kent, yet he was willing to accept as holy writ the story provided by his Castro-approved friends and the Castro regime.
The American Bible Association says nine out of 10 Americans have one in their home, and the Gideons have already delivered nearly a billion copies of this holy writ to hotels, hospitals, and prisons around the planet.
Via catechism, the origin of religious liberty is quickly pinpointed, "In Holy Writ, which makes obligations to God superior to those to any human being or any human contrivance" (43).
Aptly calling on the etymology of the word explanatius in the Erasmian phrase "immo omnibus crassius et explanatius loquentem" ("in terms quite plain and clear"), Robert Sider argues that Erasmus's intention in the paraphrases is to "unwrap layers of meaning hidden in the language of the Holy Writ, to unfold before our eyes and extend, as it were upon a plane surface, the abundant truths of scripture.
One does exist except it has no $237 million-a-year Christian Broadcasting Network, no Family Channel, no "700 Club" and no instincts to steal the word Christian and turn it into a political catchword that signifies the right-wing agenda as holy writ.
Seeing that Doctor Wojtyla takes to himself the title of Pope (meaning Father), I believe those Protestants are to be commended for their obedience to Holy Writ rather than vilified as extremists.
His words have been known to find their way into preachers' sermons who, unbeknownst, proclaim them as Holy Writ.