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the theory that the parts of any whole cannot exist and cannot be understood except in their relation to the whole

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The key business benefit provided to insurers by this holistic view is that it should help overcome siloed business perspectives and differing interpretations of what constitutes positive or negative impacts to the overall business.
To enhance our revenue assurance capabilities, Portugal Telecom was interested in a state-of-the-art solution that provided a holistic view of our business and could be integrated easily with our existing back-office billing and financial management systems," said Jose Morais de Oliveira, Director of International Wholesale at Portugal Telecom.
Successful ones not only will come equipped with state-of-the-art systems, but also will bring a holistic view to their assignment.
Authentium takes the management headache out of this process, while embracing the sound best-of-breed strategy by introducing a management console that serves as a security dashboard providing a holistic view of the status of protections across the entire enterprise - right down to the user.
This Frost & Sullivan research service entitled World Nondestructive Test Equipment Market provides a holistic view of the NDT industry along with the revenue forecasts for the various NDT techniques, latest technological developments, and market trends in the industry.
To provide a holistic view of a customer's financial portfolio, My Savings Plan is integrated with Wells Fargo's suite of easy-to-use online personal finance tools including:
The flexibility and scalability of InfoVista's core architecture will allow Telstra to move towards delivering an automated, integrated and holistic view of services across the network.
Providing a holistic view of a client's entire portfolio allows wealth management firms to better service their clients and demonstrate greater value.
Without a holistic view of network bandwidth usage, network engineers cannot quickly diagnose or prevent network problems or properly match network capacity to business needs.
VirtualIQ, the company's flagship product suite, allows organizations to obtain a holistic view and control their virtual infrastructure including servers, applications, storage, and clients independently of the underlying virtual computing platform.
By analyzing both revenue and cost information associated with telecom traffic in near real-time, service providers have a holistic view of their entire interconnection operation including agreement management, routing optimization, and revenue assurance.