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the theory that the parts of any whole cannot exist and cannot be understood except in their relation to the whole

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While electionbound MP and Chhattisgarh will be prioritised, a holistic view will be taken on all Maoist- hit states'
2%) who receive a holistic view of their assets have referred their advisor.
A holistic view is the ultimate objective of performance management, where the executive information being presented is arrived at based upon multiple data sources, primarily inside an insurance company, but is also aggregated with external data.
To turn this around and say that twentieth-century physics initiated some new holistic view of the universe is a complete misrepresentation of what actually took place.
Their holistic view instills environmental values: When the rainforests are damaged, so is the community.
Netrac provides a unified network view integrating fault, performance and service management for a holistic view of service assurance based on all available information sources, including those provided by network resources, application servers, and active monitoring probes.
Scott Duke: "The use of green materials fits in with our holistic view of treatment, and combined with a purifying fountain promotes an overall sense of well being.
Based on Unisys 3D Visible Enterprise methodology, the Service gives companies a holistic view into the cause-and-effect relationships between shifts in technology, business processes and strategy.
This means health and disability professionals must be prepared to take a more holistic view of an individual's disability, recognize the likelihood of depression, disabling stress or another mental health factor as a hurdle in overcoming disability, and understand when and how treatment is needed," Barton Margoshes, M.
This is a critical time in growth, with many expansion plans in place, and this event offers a valuable corroboration of user service demands, as well as a holistic view of European markets and development.
To enhance our revenue assurance capabilities, Portugal Telecom was interested in a state-of-the-art solution that provided a holistic view of our business and could be integrated easily with our existing back-office billing and financial management systems," said Jose Morais de Oliveira, Director of International Wholesale at Portugal Telecom.
Successful ones not only will come equipped with state-of-the-art systems, but also will bring a holistic view to their assignment.
Authentium takes the management headache out of this process, while embracing the sound best-of-breed strategy by introducing a management console that serves as a security dashboard providing a holistic view of the status of protections across the entire enterprise - right down to the user.