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Adaptation to acidic soil is achieved by increased numbers of cis-acting elements regulating ALMT1 expression in Holcus lanatus.
It is apparent that the occurrence of perennial mesophilous species (Cynosurus cristatus, Holcus lanatus, Lolium perenne, Phleum pratense, Plantago lanceolata etc.
The meadows consisted of forbs (for example, Triteleia ixioides, Lewisia nevadensis, Rumex salicifolius, Achillea lanulos, Veratrum californicum, Mimulus primuloides), grasses (Achnatherum lettermanii, Poa pratensis, Deschampsia cespitosa, Holcus lanata), sedges (Carex rostrata, C.
Physiological integration among tillers of Holcus lanatus: age dependence and responses to clipping and competition.
caerulea swards in Epping Forest (73 adults detected, 96% of total number counted in the Forest), with only three adults recorded from Yorkshire fog, Holcus lanatus-dominated vegetation.
The nature of arsenic phytochelatin complexes in Holcus lanatus and Pteris cretica.
It is my suspicion that the weed grass is Holcus lanatus, Yorkshire Fog, and that the seed will have blown in from nearby wasteland or farmland, where it can act as a host plant for the caterpillars of the Small Skipper butterfly, Thymelicus flavus.
Cortaderia nitida esta asociada a especies como Cynodon dactylon, Stipa ichu, Chloris radiota, Holcus lanatus, formando pajonales altos que crecen vigorosamente e impiden por completo el desarrollo de otras especies, observado especialmente en algunas zonas de Malsitio, ocasionando en este sector algunas areas con suelos desnudos y de pastizales sin presencia de estrato arboreo y subarboreo.
The altitude was 1200 m and the plants were conspecific with Holcus mollis L.
1988), with further testing of all sera that were positive in the PHADIATOP for common allergens Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, cat, molds (Alternaria tenuis, Penicillinum notatum, Cladosporium herbarum), mixed trees (Betula verrucosa, Corylus avellana, Aldus incana, Quercus alba, Salix caprea), mixed grasses (Phleum pratense, Lolium perennae, Anthoxanthum odoratum, Secale cereale, Holcus lanatus), and dog.
Carryover effects on the clonal growth of the grass Holcus lanatus L.
Comparison of variance components between two populations of Holcus lanatus: a reanalysis.