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English artist noted for a series of engravings that satirized the affectations of his time (1697-1764)

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If the footnote on the "great magnet" tends to carry us towards infinity and away from Hogarth's more bounded lines, then the passage to which it refers draws us back towards central Hogarthian principles: intricacy, variety, movement, pursuit, beauty, and life.
6), a tremendous Hogarthian tapestry cycle anatomising social class and Britain's ongoing obsession with it, is currently touring museums in the UK.
A Hogarthian scene from hell to some, but a heavenly mix of music, banter, laughter and drink to others.
Jack Sheppard's Hogarthian tableau is, then, far less doctrinaire than it could at first have appeared.
The name Trundle Hill conjures up Hogarthian scenes of jugglers and pickpockets, fortune-tellers, dissolute gents and gin-soaked old hags.
It was a veritable Dickens' Hell's Kitchen crowded with Hogarthian faces.
As an arresting concatenation of distorted religious iconography and visual drama it is typically Hogarthian, which is precisely why it should not be mistaken for simple documentary.
The huge corpulence of that Hogarthian monster undulates on the surface, scarcely drawing one inch of water.
At the same time reality crime genres, TV drama and 'shockdocs' further normalised the characterisation of the poor as unruly - offering contemporary Hogarthian cartoons of drunken youths, irresponsible parents and foul-mouthed children, living - literally - in a world apart.
But by refusing one kind of "decadent art" (a term they used in 1986 to describe formal art), Gilbert & George have only substituted another, more excessive kind, one steeped in Hogarthian moralizing.
Is it Austen's little Hogarthian joke that Emma draws "portraits" of Isabella's husband and their four children?
The Dutch took to it in a big way, calling it Genever, and it spread to England, reaching its dubious heyday after King William went to war with the French, banned brandy and spawned the Hogarthian "Gin Lane" epidemic, with the whole of London's urban poor apparently staggering about drunk on an almighty bender fuelled by cheap sweetened gin known as Old Tom.
BOGART, SHE OF THE HOGARTHIAN visage, has never looked more serene than she does as she broaches this subject.
Despite attribution of Plate 1 to Hogarth by the doyen of Hogarthian scholars, Ronald Paulson, in all his editions of Hogarth's Graphic Works in 1965, 1970 and 1989, which followed much earlier catalogues by both Horace Walpole and John Nichols, doubt now exists.
A third series, the most ambitious, Marriage-a-la-Mode, describes a marriage of convenience between an impoverished earl's son and a wealthy alderman's daughter, which in true Hogarthian fashion necessarily ends in murder, suicide, and execution.