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Austrian architect known for his use of rectilinear units (1870-1956)

German chemist (1818-1892)

United States chemist (born in Poland) who used quantum mechanics to understand chemical reactions (born in 1937)

German writer of fantastic tales (1776-1822)

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The poet Hoffmann sits at a tavern ruminating aloud about three extraordinary ex-loves - a mechanical doll, a sickly singer and a seductive courtesan.
20) This penetration of the allegorical nature of the text, argues Hoffmann, is the process through which the breach between verbum and res begins to be ameliorated by the "parabolic" connection of metaphorical similitude.
The researchers encouraged Hoffmann to apply for a summer job at the bureau, and he got the position.
The opera is based on three short stories by German Romantic author and composer ETA Hoffmann.
We did this for the rest of the day and successfully dated these two wrack lines this way," Hoffmann told Times of Oman.
The production's Hoffmann was David Pomeroy, more a spinto than a lyric tenor, which suits the Hoffmann emotional palette well.
Lord Hoffmann concluded that he found nothing in the conduct of MTN over this period that puts at question MTN's integrity or propriety.
In this role, Hoffmann succeeds Andrew Pospielovsky.
Author Jessica Hoffmann Davis is a cognitive developmental psychologist and a former Harvard professor; she is also the daughter of Ann Hoffmann.
The new MORSO NM from Hoffmann is a free-standing notching machine for the production of beaded face-frames, French-mitered cabinet doors and mullion joints.
Pity the producer charged with mounting Offenbach's The Tales of Hoffmann.
You might remember reading here back in July that Garry Hoffmann had resigned his post as state editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette to pursue freelance opportunities as a writer and editor.
Hoffmann als Beethoven-Rezensent der Allgemeine Musi-kalischen Zeitung [Munich: Musikverlag Emil Katzbichler, 1977]), and Gerhard Kaiser (E.
It's no secret that Hoffmann has a pedagogical bent; he has paired his exhibition work in London with teaching a curatorial-studies course at Goldsmiths College, and now he will lecture at CCA.