Hoek van Holland

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a cape on the southwestern coast of the Netherlands near Rotterdam

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Pieter van Cutsem, who runs a small hotel in Hoek van Holland, agrees that forecasters should be "punished" for incorrect predictions.
DSM NeoResins has completed its new water-based alkyd manufacturing unit at its existing site located in Hoek van Holland, the Netherlands.
The company's UK ferry operations include five Irish Sea routes and the Harwich to Hoek van Holland route.
LEADING ferry company Stena Line has introduced a new ferry, the Stena Trader, on its Killingholme to Hoek van Holland, which will increase capacity and improve service for Northern Ireland hauliers travelling to the continent.
The Germans failed to seize the three airfields, and other paratroopers were scattered to Hoek van Holland and other areas north of the Hague.
Wales billboards lined the route to the ferry terminal at Hoek Van Holland, leading up to a 30-metre poster on the terminal building itself.
DSM Desotech, part of DSM Resins, plans to build a production facility (including offices and laboratories) for the manufacture of high performance UV-curing materials in Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands.