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(Norse mythology) a blind god

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The Quarry Permit is the material permitting requirement that would allow Eagle to move forward in reactivating the Hoder Creek Quarry and processing plant should the requisite financing be available.
While young women have long faced social pressure to look their best, the fact that "the glare of the camera is never far away," as Hoder puts it, sets the experience of today's teenagers and young adults apart from that of previous generations.
The economy seems to be in solid shape," said Alex Hoder, an economist at FTN Financial in New York.
I think it's important for this nation to maintain a healthy newspaper industry," Hoder said.
Hoder returned to Iran in October 2008, and reputedly was positive about his early experiences there.
The group is made up of Mr Henery, Jonathan Davis, Robert Deeley, Martin Day, Alistair Hoder, Ellis Hopkins, Andrew Hoder, Carl Scilliano, Shane Tarbuck, Martin Furnival and Steven Pluck, who will be doing all the driving between the mountains.
The Cold Moon by Jeffery Deaver) Hoder & Stoughton, pounds 14.
The 35-year-old had moved from Iran to Canada in 2000, where he blogged under the name of Hoder.
It's a train wreck,'' said Bob Hoder, CMA's vice president.
Tenders are invited for Compact Flurocent Lamp 35 Watt 230V Ac , 50Hz , B22 Hoder,, Product No.
The Iranian-Canadian, also known as Hoder, maintains a daily blog in both Persian and English; but on October 30, the blogging stopped and there has been no trace of Derakhshan since.
Rosemarie Roth and Judith Hoder of the Collaborative Family Institute in Miami participated as faculty in the Bar's Family Law Section "More Skill Building for Family Law Mediators" CLE Seminar.
We chose Sentinel Benefits Group because it possesses many of the same service-oriented business values and philosophies we do," said Jay Hoder, owner of Benefit Concepts, Inc.