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an important port in Yemen on the Red Sea

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21 (Saba) -- The European Union (EU) has affirmed that the recent airstrikes on Hodeida port imposed an immediate hindrance to imports food, fuel, medicines and other supplies.
According to the official, the kidnappers are "demanding the release of two Al-Qaeda militants detained in Hodeida.
An officer from the assault teams stressed that the Arab Coalition's naval siege has deprived the rebel Houthis and pro-Saleh militias of the use of seaports like Hodeida and Mokha to transport military reinforcements or receive foreign arms shipments.
Spokesperson of the White House has said that: A'We feel extremely concerned because of the 18th August attack against the basic infrastructure of Hodeida seaport since it is a vital port to deliver food, medicines and fuel to the Yemeni people.
O'Brien said the United Nations was scaling up its operations to bring relief and that more international aid workers would be based outside of the capital Sana'a and Hodeida.
Sana'a: A religious aACAyhealing wizard' was shot dead in Yemen's western province of Hodeida on Saturday by the husband of the woman he was supposedly treating.
The official said Saleh loyalists in the provincial council of Hodeida signed a petition sacking Sakhr al-Wagih, who had protested the Houthi takeover, and appointed Hassan Haij in his place.
Negotiations are still ongoing in the Yemeni seaside city of Hodeida, concerning administrative fines and the impounding of three vessels, seized when the fishermen entered into Yemeni waters.
The energy produced by the solar-powered plant amounting to 60 megawatts will be distributed to the capital, province of the Socotra archipelago and the island of Kamaran in Hodeida province.
A brief statement by the group said: "Benjamin Malbrancke, the delegate of the International Committee of the Red Cross abducted on 21 April by armed individuals near the town of Hodeida, in northern Yemen, is free".
The blast comes after a car carrying three US Coastguard trainers was attacked on Sunday by al-Qaeda in Hodeida, injuring one.
Noor Dubai, the UAE-born charity initiative focused on preventing and treating low vision and curable forms of blindness around the world, has helped heal more than 11,000 Yemenis of all ages this week at its free cataract treatment camp in the western port city of Hodeida.
Junaid was born in Hodeida in 1934 and had a degree in engineering from the University of London.
The letter demanded the UN to urgently fulfill its obligations and play its role to stop the Saudi-led coalition forces in order to rescue Yemen from a humanitarian catastrophe as well as preventing attacks against Yemeni ports, mainly Hodeida seaport to allow humanitarian aid and commercial commodities to enter the country.
Hodeida port is still burning as the coalition launched airstrikes on the port which is under the control of Houthis on Monday evening.