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an important port in Yemen on the Red Sea

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On the Red Sea front, fighting intensified outside Al Jarrahi town in the western province of Hodeida as government troops pushed to break across Al Houthi lines around the town.
The World Health Organization confirmed earlier this week that diphtheria was spreading as children went unvaccinated and doctors in Hodeida reported three deaths.
The plan would allow a neutral party, under UN supervision, to run the Hodeida port, a key Yemeni port that is currently under control of the Shiite militants.
Parallelement, des avions de la coalition arabe ont vise une residence presidentielle toujours dans la ville de Hodeida situee sur la mer Rouge, selon la meme source.
Houthi forces took control over Hodeida port early this year.
CEO of Noor Dubai and director general of the Dubai Health Authority Qadhi Saeed Al Murooshid said the 10-day Hodeida camp drew more than 11,000 patients from the city's surrounding areas for screenings and evaluation by Noor Dubai's surgical and nursing staff.
Junaid was born in Hodeida in 1934 and had a degree in engineering from the University of London.
Fighting has raged outside the town of Al Jarrahi in the western province of Hodeida as government forces press to advance deeper into Al Houthis' shrinking territory in the province.
Latest and ongoing sweeping advance towards Hodeida is a pivotal step in liberating the West coast region, giving to the Red Sea.
Abdul-Aziz bin Habtour, dealt with the latest developments in the military fronts and the escalation practiced by the Saudi-led aggression, including the closure of the Yemeni land, sea and air ports and tightening the blockade on Hodeida Port and Sana'a Airport.
If a boat leaves from Djibouti, before reaching Hodeida (port in western Yemen), our forces board the vessel to ensure the cargo is legal and complies with Resolution 2216", adopted by the U.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The top United Nations aid official strongly criticized as unacceptable Saudi-led war on the Yemen port of Hodeida, a lifeline for imports of food, medicine and fuel.
Saudi-led warplanes targeted several military sites controlled by Houthi militants and forces loyal to the Ex- President, Ali Abdulla Saleh in the Capital Sana'a, Hodeida west of the country, and Sa'ada, the home base of Houthis.
Coalition warplanes and ships also hammered Yemen's largest military port in the Red Sea city of Hodeida at dawn on Wednesday, a local official said, the most serious attack on the country's navy in over two months of war.
Negotiations are still ongoing in the Yemeni seaside city of Hodeida, concerning administrative fines and the impounding of three vessels, seized when the fishermen entered into Yemeni waters.