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Synonyms for hocus-pocus

esoteric, formulaic, and often incomprehensible speech relating to the occult

Synonyms for hocus-pocus

verbal misrepresentation intended to take advantage of you in some way

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The frontispiece, opposite the title page of Hocus Pocus Iunior, contains an image of a juggler seemingly conducting a trick in which a small object may appear or disappear from his left hand.
New for this year is The Mystery of Hocus Pocus Hall.
I'M NOT A BADDIE: Hocus Pocus the cat needs a new home (
MILLIGAN, Laura hocus pocus versus the stinkypong Puffin, 2009 176pp $16.
But all that hocus pocus can get expensive with stage magicians needing to pay for theater rental, lighting, sound, technicians and other flourishes.
Unfortunately, the hocus pocus storyline holding all these breathtaking set-pieces together is both gossamer thin and preposterous.
I would be straight up to Avram Grant, hit him with the hocus pocus and convince him I'm good enough to play centreforward for the Blues.
National Public Radio billed the news as a "loss of faith"--an unusual opening for an economics piece, but not a surprising one given the mystical hocus pocus that has long buttressed free-trade ideology.
Man, Dung Boy, Dustypoll, Elephants Teeth Dealer, Fang Manager, Fat Lad, Flasher, Floater, Fluttergrub, Hocus Pocus Man, Hooker, House Jew and Jack About.
The company will partner with Northeast Beverage Corp of CT to bring #9 and Hocus Pocus to Litchfield festival goers.
A THE phrase dates back to the 17th-century when a conjurer, known as Hocus Pocus, used it as part of an incantation during his act.
This is a pile of black propaganda, intelligence hocus pocus and the Daily Telegraph has either been a party to it or it has been hoodwinked by it.
Watch your favorite horror movies with friends and family including fun titles for the kids such as Hocus Pocus, Ghost Busters and Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.
The list of movies is long but for me, The First Wives Club and Hocus Pocus stand out.
Aaron Hughes sang a song from Disney Halloween comedy Hocus Pocus as a soundtrack to a gallery of creepy pictures of himself dressed up as a woman.