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an ice rink for playing ice hockey

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Located at a distance of 160 km from Leh, the natural ice hockey rink is at the altitude of 14050 feet above sea level.
The project includes construction and renovation of the existing building, which will now have a new hockey rink and play area.
Already successfully tested by the Navy, the Mobile Cleaning Reclaim and Recovery System, or MCRRS, looks more at home on a hockey rink than on an aircraft carrier.
Kandahar is the gateway to the war in this troubled nation and the military base is like no other in the world - fully equipped with fastfood outlets, football pitches and even an ice hockey rink.
Immediately after opening all our gifts we would rush out the door to our local outdoor hockey rink which was equipped with boards and nets - not all of us grew up skating on ponds.
A hockey rink is slightly different from any other field be cause each end bears a curved side rather than a 90-degree straight edge.
The latest battle sees them faceoff on the ice hockey rink.
BOXING superstar Joe Calzaghe will swap the fierce heat of the fighting ring for the ice-cold hockey rink tomorrow.
The rugged PVC rink surface attaches easily to the boards and the gold surface graphics replicate a real hockey rink.
When you walk onto the event level, we want to people to get the impression this is an event centre rather than a hockey rink.
When fully completed in 2012, the park will offer rolling hills, civic plazas, a bicycle path, restored marshland, 2 large playing fields for soccer, field hockey, softball, cricket and football, six basketball courts, 10 handball courts, two volleyball courts, an in-line hockey rink, three tennis courts, three playgrounds and open lawns for lounging.
There are, of course, obvious health and social benefits to participating in sports, whether that takes the form of a daily jog, a weekly round of golf, or going up against some fellow weekend warriors on a local basketball court or hockey rink.
NORTH HILLS - Based in a hockey rink packed with striking artwork, selling goods for your baby and for your pets, Munchkin Inc.
The property includes an indoor ice hockey rink, two stagecoaches, a fleet of snowmobiles and ATVs, a fly-fishing stream and a lake, an equestrian center, fishing cabins, a boat house and white-water rafting on the nearby Colorado River.
From hockey rink to sledding hill to toboggan run our illustrators (for a short while, at least) have us believing winter isn't such a bad place, after all.