Hobson's choice

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the choice of taking what is offered or nothing at all

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Hobson's Choice : People heading to the Tribhuvan International Airport on foot on Monday afternoon.
Thus, she and legislators were stampeded into a Hobson's choice for new revenue--choose expanded gambling or none.
Hobson's Choice (de David Lean); lunes 13 a las 6 pm The Sound of Music'.
Hobson's Choice - a Chichester Festival Theatre production - ended its run at the Grand last night but it will be at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham from November 12 to 17.
He starred in a succession of David Lean films - In Which We Serve, This Happy Breed, Hobson's Choice and as Pip in Great Expectations.
Other films included the PoW drama The Colditz Story, Hobson's Choice and Zulu Dawn.
Faced with this Hobson's choice, many of today's users are asking, "how can we have extremely reliable storage without the complexity?
He wanted to use American technology to leverage an arms race that would force Moscow's wheezing command economy into a Hobson's choice between guns and butter.
Allowing the Hobson's choice to animate his criticism, Plagens found a frame that brought his reviews to life.
But for those of us who find the act of faith rational, as well as free, this Hobson's choice is hardly the only alternative.
By understanding the relevant income and estate tax rules that apply to qualified retirement benefits and IRAs, CPAs will be better able to see the apparent Hobson's choice their clients face and assess the available alternatives.
Placing Sara Milton at the heart of Milton Unbound undermines the patriarchal poet and deconstructs the Hobson's choice of a misogynist or feminist Milton in favor of a maternal Milton who throughout his career copes with the "generative force of maternal nature" (94).
Ford feels the film takes on considerably more emotional heft as his character eventually faces a Hobson's choice between his daughter's life and the policy decision he has made.
His full-length works for Birmingham Royal include The Swan of Tuonela, set to Sibelius's music and drawn from various Finnish legends, and Hobson's Choice, inspired by Harold Brighouse's very British comic play of the same name that deals with class, repressed feelings, and one determined young woman.
As is clear from TEI's three sets of comments on the loss disallowance regulations,(1) the Institute does not believe the question is properly framed as either a Hobson's choice (effectively no choice because of all the conditions laden on one of the supposed alternatives) or a black-or-white proposition.