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United States physiologist (1899-1982)

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The lead here [in the GOP health care bill] is the House and their Better Way" tax reform proposal issued last June, Hoagland, a senior vice president at the Bipartisan Policy Center, told ThinkAdvisor on Wednesday.
Hoagland had left Indianapolis, Indiana, and moved to Florida where he took the identity of dead fisherman Terry Jude Symansky.
Hoagland comes to Sol Systems with over 25 years of corporate financial management including 21 years at the AES Corporation, a global electric power and utility company.
Hoagland, who now runs a New Mexico-based NASA watchdog group called The Enterprise Mission, told The Register-Guard on Wednesday that he and Van Flandern knew about the flowing water 15 years ago.
Hoagland pointed out that on his current visit to Astana he was to meet high-ranking officials of Kazakhstan.
Furthermore, the company said that to provide continuity with ongoing financial reporting and control improvements, Hoagland, a partner with FLG Partners will continue in an executive consulting role till its filing of its annual report on Form 10-K, for the fiscal year ended 31 December 2013.
According to Hoagland, a chemist in ARS's Crop Production Systems Research Unit, Myrothecium attacks its weedy host's leaf and stem tissues, causing wilt, necrotic lesions, loss of chlorophyll, and other disease symptoms that can kill young plants and weaken older ones, rendering them less competitive with crops.
Richard Hoagland said in his comments on the occasion that Pakistan is an important country of the region and America would continue close collaboration with it.
Hoagland was summoned on the instructions of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and was handed a demarche in this regard.
Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan's First and Second Tour (FAST) group hosted the embassy's inaugural reception for young diplomats at the residence of Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) Richard Hoagland.
Hoagland Pharmacy will open a new location in Sedro-Woolley on June 3.
Only 35 percent of Americans approve of ObamaCare," Hoagland said, shortly before the vote started.
Deputy Chief of Mission Richard Hoagland had accused Khan of using his recent detention in Toronto by U.
Pakistan on Tuesday summoned the US charge d'affaires Richard Hoagland and lodged a protest over drone attacks on its Northwestern tribal areas.