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a language of uncertain affiliation spoken by the Hmong


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I studied the Hmong language at Madison, Wisconsin in 2006, while visiting Hmong communities in Milwaukee, Sheboygan, Wausau, St.
Robson suggested that being able to read the Hmong language helped students learn a second language.
Bilingual resources are particularly helpful for those younger Hmong with less extensive knowledge of the Hmong language.
Yang Dao teaches a course on Hmong language and literature at the University of Minneapolis.
In the Hmong language, the word tsev means home and refers not only to geographical location, but also to relationships with the extended family (Miyares, 1997).
Since the Hmong language is tonal, the musician literally speaks through his instrument, giving directions.
The Hmong lived peacefully in the forests of China for thousands of years until the 19th century, when rulers launched a campaign of persecution to extinguish the Hmong language.
Bob Wellisch, who begins the Mass in the eight-toned Hmong language.
Most studies on the Hmong--from the earliest studies of the Hmong in Southeast Asia by Christian missionaries to studies in the 1980s and the 1990s focusing on Hmong refugees' resettlement and struggle with social and economic adaptation in America to the more critical race studies of Hmong Americans in the 2000s--are still written by non-Hmong scholars who lack proficiency in the Hmong language.
We have seven core courses devoted to Hmong topics, like arts and literature, history and the Hmong language.
Their six-week summer program offers the community instruction in the Hmong language, music, and art.
By next January, she plans to launch UW's certificate program in Hmong studies, which will include courses in Hmong language and history.
We already had three Hmong language classes on campus.
As a linguist, I undertook to learn something about the Hmong language and advise language teachers facing the challenge of helping Hmong adults with their simultaneous challenges of acquiring basic literacy and practical communication skills in English.
1) Most helpful to the project was Phra Santi who has been a monk at WTK since 1985 and has gained fluency in the Hmong language and an intimate knowledge of Hmong life and livelihood at WTK.