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German Nazi dictator during World War II (1889-1945)

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A new series of the History channel's hit TV show Hunting Hitler continues the ultimate manhunt.
Their re-created bunker is behind glass and, like the wax figure of Hitler in the nearby Madam Tussauds, cannot be photographed by visitors.
In 1945, when Kennedy traveled to Hitler's bunker in Berlin where the latter was said to have committed suicide, the young reporter thought Hitler might have stayed alive.
Weber unmasked the tyrant as the real author of the previously forgotten book, in which Hitler is presented as "Germany's saviour" and is compared to Jesus.
In a new book on the Fuhrer's drug addiction, it is revealed that when Adolf Hitler found that bull semen was no longer giving him the lift he needed, he turned to injections of a heroin-like opiate that eventually caused his veins to collapse, News daily reported.
The Nazi Party attempted to seize power after the Beer Hall Putsch of 1923, where Hitler and his followers took to the streets in Munich.
Hitler liked it, it was originally a present given to him by Neville Chamberlain in 1938 when the British Prime Minister visited the Fuhrer's private apartments during the Munich crisis.
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Hitler, having failed once in his 1923 Munich Beer Hall Putsch, thereafter ostensibly emphasized constitutionality, publicly restraining the threat of SA violence to intimidate politicians and opponents in a Nazi protection racket.
Most were ill but no one died and Hitler, a vegetarian, was the least affected.
WHEN Adolf Hitler shot himself in the early hours of April 29, 1945, he's believed to have died a multi-millionaire.
THE latest gaff (or was it premeditated) by our future King, Prince Charles stating the Russian president Putin is as bad as Hitler is an absolute outrage.
HUNTING HITLER: NEW SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THAT HITLER ESCAPED NAZI GERMANY offers a shocking expose which considers the idea that Hitler survived the end of World War II.
Especially in the postwar years, it was tempting to explain the Third Reich with reference to its leader Adolf Hitler.
15, ( ANI ): Union Steel Minister Beni Prasad Verma on Sunday described the friendship between Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Mulayam Singh Yadav as being similar to the association that prevailed between German dictator Adolf Hitler and his Italian counterpart Benito Mussolini.