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Synonyms for euthanasia

mercy killing

Synonyms for euthanasia

the act of killing someone painlessly (especially someone suffering from an incurable illness)

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Most obviously, if treated as authoritative, historical practice would explain judges' and Justices' consistent attention to nonoriginalist historical considerations even when those considerations point to results that diverge from the Constitution's original meaning.
Because of historical considerations, the facility has minimal acoustical ceiling tiles.
The analysis in chapter 3 makes even more of an impact with its timely historical considerations of vocal techniques in Brazilian popular music history.
The first chapter deals with the organization of the research report, the scholarly traditions in ethnic media research, and theoretical and historical considerations of the subject.
This suggests the importance of cultural historical considerations in curriculum development.
6--Ethical, Historical Considerations in Supervison
His presidential address to the American Society of Missiology in June 1984, "The Scriptures in the Christian World Mission: Three Historical Considerations," was published in Missiology, October 1984.
Between these poles--on one side, the formal necessity of a Christian creed, on the other, its political and ecclesiastical temporality, Pelikan unfolds his historical considerations.
Before turning to our argument, however, we note institutional and historical considerations that make a defense of affirmative action in this setting necessary.
Several appendices detailing technical aspects and historical considerations finish this welcome account and ready reference.
There are plot twists, unusual names, exotic locales, conventions of operatic style, historical considerations, operas that exist in different versions and performance traditions that have grown up around certain operas and need explanation.
For recent historical considerations, see Eric Hobsbawm, "The Forward March of Labour Halted?
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