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(histology) the use of a dye to color specimens for microscopic study

the act of spotting or staining something

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Two serial cryostat sections of human brain were used for histological staining and proteomic profiling, respectively.
Histological staining procedures are tedious, time consuming, and difficult to use for large numbers of samples.
Burnham combines novel histological staining approaches with a deep understanding of underlying regulatory mechanisms of tumors, which has helped Aperio to keep pace by developing matching image analysis algorithms for quantifying protein expression.
Therefore, this study aimed to assess whether abnormal tissue embedded in the hip joint is avulsed acetabular cartilage, inverted acetabular labrum, or other types of tissues such as aberrant ligamentum teres, we harvested the disk-like abnormal tissue from the hip joint during surgery and performed histological staining to investigate its property.
Manual of Histological Staining Methods of Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, 3rd Edition, Mcgraw Hill Book Co.
Mallory's aniline blue collagen stain technique (Clark, 1981) was used for general histological staining.
RESULTS AND OBSERVATIONS: The histological staining procedures have given the following results as shown in the various photographs and the adjoining text boxes below.
Using this material, cells can be visualized by confocal or live cell imaging or treated like tissue, thereby making it easy to process for histological staining, immunocytochemistry and electron microscopy.
Although an age-corrected histological HII may be derived from histological staining for iron, it does not reliably distinguish GH from other causes of increased HIC (1).
Direct methods of determining endophyte infection include histological staining and microscopic examination (Clark et al.