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Synonyms for Hispanic

an American whose first language is Spanish

related to a Spanish-speaking people or culture


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This timely union dramatically underscores the emergence of the Hispanic business community as a major contributor to the county's economic vitality," noted William M.
A total of thirty four (34) Haitian clients, fifty eight (58) Hispanic clients, and fifty six (56) African American clients were interviewed on the premises of these One Step Centers over a four day period.
On this map, what is the lowest percentage range of state population claiming Hispanic heritage?
Telecommunications companies are ahead of the curve on their ability to measure Hispanic ROI because they can immediately track the destination of the call, profitability on a per minute basis, and in large part, who is making the call.
Kmart teamed up with Telemundo TV stars to publicize new designer lines, and select Robinsons-May stores launched Zalia, a cosmetic line tailored for Hispanic skin tones.
Since 2001, Meneses Research & Associates has been publishing studies about Hispanic consumers in the San Diego Region such as: "Ask San Diego" Report 2001, "Ask Tijuana" Report 2002, "Ask Hispanic Teens" 2002, "Ask Hispanics" San Diego Report 2003.
After all, the ethnic composition of the areas served by the clubs is heavily Hispanic, and summer camp is not part of the Hispanic culture.
Marin, Marin, and Perez-Stable (1989) showed how the use of Hispanic values enhanced the acceptability of a "stop-smoking" behavior change message and improved its therapeutic effectiveness.
I was treated with respect and encouraged to be Hispanic.
The grant will fund Hispanic education initiatives nationally and the Association's internet news bureau.
economy started to recover, with a robust construction industry accounting for the greatest employment gains, according to a study released Monday by the Pew Hispanic Center.
Hispanic women are less likely to undergo hysterectomy than are white women, according to an analysis of the 1998-1999 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS).
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