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type genus of the family Hirudinidae

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1995): <<Proteinase inhibitors from the European Medical Leech Hirudo medicinalis: structural, functional and biomedical aspects>>, Molecular Aspects in Medicine, vol.
Hirudo medicinalis belongs to the aquatic subgroup and frequently used in therapeutic medicine.
Marian's captivating knowledge stems from spending 24 years working with Hirudo medicinalis, or medicinal leeches to you and me.
Doctors have found that the leech Hirudo medicinalis can help people who have undergone surgery to reattach lost limbs.
Hirudo medicinalis is the most common species of which animal used by doctors?
hydrophila isolated from the intestinal tract of the leech Hirudo medicinalis (Loewy et al.
Hirudo medicinalis) in the Class Hirudinea are well-known annelids for their supposed medicinal applications in the practice of blood-letting, an ancient method once claimed to remove poisons from the blood, and, according to Hippocrates, useful in balancing the body's humors.
Michalsen (complementary and integrative medicine, Kliniken Eissen-Mitte, Knappshaftskrankenhaus, Essen, Germany) and other German and US contributors back up their enthusiasm for Hirudo medicinalis by reviewing research data supporting the re-emergence of the traditional practice of leeching.
Unlikely creatures like Bufo, the Toad, and Hirudo, the Leech, appeared in Hill's Urania.
My pet leech Archie is a medicinal leech or Hirudo medicinalis and is part of my demos.
Surgeons have found that the medicinal leech, or Hirudo medicinalis, helps heal skin grafts and reattached fingers and ears.
Graf J (1999) Symbiosis of Aeromonas veronii biovar sobria and Hirudo medicinalis.
8 Which creature long used in medicine has the appropriate name of hirudo medicinalis?
In fact, the most widely used species is named Hirudo medicinalis.