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Synonyms for asafoetida

the brownish gum resin of various plants


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Miss Hing contacted Heinz to complain and find out why sausage skin could get into a tin of tomato soup.
The letter from the food company to Miss Hing read: "Our laboratories have examined the item which you returned to us.
Chong Hing Bank and its parent had suspended the bank's shares on Wednesday after a report by the Hong Kong Economic Journal that Yuexiu Group, a trading arm of China's Guangzhou city government, had raised USD1bn as it looks for a takeover deal of Chong Hing Bank.
Hing most recently was Kona Grill's vice president and controller.
Hing, formerly of Dunville Road, Bedford, was given conditional bail until today's hearing at Luton Crown Court.
Wing Hing has enjoyed tremendous growth, but with that growth comes complexity in transportation and order management.
But as part of the settlement, Wing Hing has agreed not to make or sell any bubble fluid bottle that is the same or substantially similar to Funrise's product.
Toni is extremely excited about the future at Hung Hing and can't wait to get to work with current and potential new clients.
Man Song Hing and her husband, Bruce, already owned a business in Studio City, so the location was a natural choice.
They end up guessing about what to buy and when to sell," said Mark Hing, President of Aptus Communications, "and that puts them at risk in so many ways.
They end up making buy and sell decisions based on their emotions and using very unreliable information," said Mark Hing, President of Aptus Communications.
Most investors bid up stocks based on nothing but rumor, speculation and momentum," said Mark Hing, President of Aptus Communications, "however that's not the way to win in the stock market.
E[acute accent]"The best investors look for undervalued companies with low overhead costs, long-term growth potential, solid earnings, and low debt," Hing said.