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Earlier, 14 members of a Muslim family allegedly converted to Hinduism at an event by Hindu Samhati at Rani Rasmoni Avenue.
There were higher forms of Hinduism akin to the great tradition, and lower forms of Hinduism akin to the little tradition.
Goshen-Gottstein's study highlights the points that, on the one hand, medieval rabbinic conceptualizations of Avoda Zara which were developed in response to Christianity cannot be mechanically applied in halachic rulings to Hindu universes, and, on the other hand, the ongoing encounters with Hinduism can surprisingly illuminate certain dimensions of Jewish thought.
So they would either be converted to Hinduism or forced run away from here," Uttar Pradesh DJS head Rajeshwar Singh said.
Sharma argues that Vivekananda refashioned Ramakrishna's ideas to suit his own agenda of presenting Hinduism as a scientific religion that was Indian and yet rational.
These include the festivals which many associate with Hinduism, including Holi and Diwali, and ways of attiring oneself, including the bindi.
The subject of whether or not the term Hinduism legitimately refers to a religion has raged in Western academia for the last decade and continues to inspire publications.
Pointing to a long relationship between Hinduism and technology, Hellands notes that "online religious activity within Hinduism is flourishing" (p.
She reportedly converted to Hinduism recently at the Arya Samaj Temple in Chennai, the sources said, adding she has retained her name Nayanthara.
Digri, February 03, 2011 (Frontier Star): 9 persons including men, women and children left Hinduism and embraced Islam as their religion on the hands of Qari Abdul Latif here on the other day.
Hinduism and Hindutva are two words, which are being used interchangeably but the meanings of these words have different connotations.
Invading the Sacred: An Analysis of Hinduism Studies in America, Edited by Krishnan Ramaswamy, Antonio de Nicolas,
Imagined Hinduism: British Protestant Missionary Constructions of Hinduism, 1793-1900.
Modern Adventures into a Profound Global Faith is an amazing compilation of select articles from the international magazine "Hinduism Today", assembled to share the rich culture, beliefs, worship, and mysticism inherent in Hinduism with Hindus and non-Hindus alike.