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Like him, Muslim villagers in Bihar have set a new example of communal harmony by helping in the renovation of an old Hindu temple dedicated to another Hindu deity, Hanuman.
26 -- Call him Jaganatha , Vithoba, Vasudeva, Kanha or Shrinathji - Lord Krishna, symbolising love, acumen and courage is one of the most loved Hindu Deity worshipped across nation.
He will read from the Shrimad Bhagwad-Gita, which recounts the life and sermons of Hindu deity Lord Krishna.
Sajani Shakya, 10, had been designated one of about a dozen living goddesses in Nepal who are considered earthly manifestations of the Hindu deity Kali.
In this sculpture, the Hindu deity Shiva performs the mystical dance by which he destroys and regenerates the universe.
One tells of the plant as the transformed nymph Tulasi, the beloved of the Hindu deity Krishna.
The train was returning from Ayodhya in Northern India, where many of the train's occupants had gone as part of a mobilization to build a temple to Lord Ram, a Hindu deity, on the site of a mosque.
Controversy earlier arose when organizers of the conference reportedly remarked that Buddhism was a mere branch of Hinduism and that Buddha himself was just an incarnation of a Hindu deity.
Certainly the strange curvilinear shapes of Shivaesque, 1997, each with a kind of dark teardrop at the core, seem to be simultaneously making and unmaking themselves - an altogether appropriate process in a work that alludes to the Hindu deity who in the same breath destroys and restores worlds.
Somnath temple, located on the shores of the Arabian sea on the southern most part of Gujarat, is revered by Hindus and enshrines the first of 12 'jyotirlings' of Hindu deity Shiva.
People in huge numbers took to streets to express their angst against an advertisement that the Indian community described as "highly insulting" in its depiction of the Hindu deity Lord Ganesha.
He offended the sentiments of Muslims by posting on social media the photo of a Hindu deity sitting atop the Holy Kaaba.
In case you are lost in the muddle, they will even guide you on what to offer to which Hindu deity on which day of the week.
Sharma says the devotees drowned during a ceremony immersing clay statues of the elephant-headed Hindu deity Ganesha into the river at the end of a 10-day festival.
All of 19 years old, the boy was born in prison, much like the Hindu deity to whom he owes his name, in 1994.