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In this sculpture, the Hindu deity Shiva performs the mystical dance by which he destroys and regenerates the universe.
One tells of the plant as the transformed nymph Tulasi, the beloved of the Hindu deity Krishna.
An image of Ganesha, the Hindu deity invoked at new beginnings, is present in the cafe and has truly blessed the business.
The train was returning from Ayodhya in Northern India, where many of the train's occupants had gone as part of a mobilization to build a temple to Lord Ram, a Hindu deity, on the site of a mosque.
Dattatreya, the Immortal Guru, Yogin, and Avatara: A Study of the Transformative and Inclusive Character of a Multi-Faceted Hindu Deity.
Certainly the strange curvilinear shapes of Shivaesque, 1997, each with a kind of dark teardrop at the core, seem to be simultaneously making and unmaking themselves - an altogether appropriate process in a work that alludes to the Hindu deity who in the same breath destroys and restores worlds.
Karachi: A large number of Hindus travelled on Sunday towards Hinglaj mountain range, 250 kilometres west of Karachi, for the annual pilgrimage of Nani Mata, the Hindu deity, whose centuries-old temple is located in a cave.
Rasheed Qureshi demanding withdrawal of commemorative coins of the denomination of ` 5 and ` 10 with the image of Vaishno Devi, a Hindu deity, embossed on them.
In case you are lost in the muddle, they will even guide you on what to offer to which Hindu deity on which day of the week.
Ranchi, May 25 ( ANI ): In the name of faith and ritual, small children of four to five years of age walk on fire, in order to please Lord Shiva, a Hindu deity of destruction, during a festival in Ranchi.
The contest winner is crowned as the festival's king for that year and the activity commemorates the pranks of Hindu deity Krishna and cowherd boys.
A 12ft replica of the Hindu deity Lord Krishna was unveiled and around a dozen Hindu priests performed ancient Vedic rituals to purify and sanctify land and buildings.
A 12ft image of the Hindu deity Lord Krishna was unveiled and Hindu priests, some of which have travelled from India, have been performing rituals to purify and sanctify the buildings and the land.
Controversy earlier arose when organizers of the conference reportedly remarked that Buddhism was a mere branch of Hinduism and that Buddha himself was just an incarnation of a Hindu deity.
Below, a flesh-colored tentacle-shaped root pulled the figure downward, while all around gamboled small elephants, representations of the Hindu deity Ganesh, effaced to varying degrees by other layers of paint.