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After President von Hindenberg appointed Hitler to be Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933, Hitler formed a cabinet which mostly consisted of members of nationalist conservative parties.
Paul von Hindenberg remembered decades later that every Prussian officer worth his pickelhaube was pulling for the Confederacy.
Actor Charles Burning, known for roles in;Such films as "Dog Day Afternoon," "the Hindenberg," "The Sting," and "The Hus-ducker Proxy," as well as numerous television and stage performances, was drafted into U.
His wangling of support from Weimar Republic president Paul von Hindenberg becomes the gangster's artful adoption of local politician Dogsborough as a reluctant ally.
This is probably due to bad weather and also to the fact that the battle line is approaching the HINDENBERG Line.
It is used for deep diving gases, lasers which read bar codes and to keep blimps aloft without the danger of awkward Hindenberg moments.
PASADENA - As football sequences go, this was the Battle of Waterloo, the Hindenberg crash and the Titanic sinking all rolled into one.
To watch the utter destruction of a playwright's dreams in a fireball of ineptitude, when played out on the novelist's page, has a visceral effect not unlike watching the Hindenberg in its final throes.
Ejemplos de mala prensa para los ingenieros: Hindenberg, La lanzadera Challenger, El telescopio espacial Hubble, Apollo 13, El Titanic, El Ford Pinto.
An examination of the local effect of the German war effort, up to and including the Hindenberg program, also provides the reader with stark lessons in the limitations of waging total war.
After all, if the gas responsible for rotten-egg odors were to run rampant in some patients and escape, the environmental side effects might again evoke that Hindenberg hydrogen-type disaster cry, "Oh, the humanity
There will be free newsreel screenings at the Tyneside in the mornings, beginning with the famous footage of the Hindenberg disaster when the explosion of the airship spelled the end of this particular mode of transport.
The fastest way back to the US is the ill-fated Hindenberg, which he boards with the safe, pursued by Nazis.
Set in 1937 aboard the German Hindenberg, a madman throws a safe overboard to prevent discovery, then inadvertently sets a fire which destroys its secret.