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English author (born in France) remembered especially for his verse for children (1870-1953)

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In 1938, Hillaire Belloc described what he called "the Modern Attack," which, even seventy years ago, he clearly saw advancing upon the Church and society.
Hillaire Belloc, uno de sus mayores criticos, y quiza su mejor amigo, sostuvo que esa vena epigramatica es el ingrediente basico del arte de Chesterton, su sello mas caracteristico, gracias al cual consigue dar concision a un pensamiento ya de suyo preciso, e insuflar de animo ludico un pensamiento ya de por si jugueton, basta elevar la paradoja a una forma de conocimiento, si no es que de epifania.
Unable to find an ideology with which he was comfortable, Chesterton, along with his friend and fellow writer Hillaire Belloc, decided to invent one.
With Hillaire Belloc, he was a "Distributist", a philosophy of which I suspect many at the Rally would not approve.
By 1924 the situation was such that Hillaire Belloc could write scathingly of the `false method' which had `struck deep root' in contemporary history teaching, which had abandoned facts and dates in favour of a more woolly concern for making history interesting.