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wife of President Clinton and later a woman member of the United States Senate (1947-)

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When the current president-elect defied the polls and ended up beating Hilary Clinton, gold prices -- surprisingly -- collapsed.
Trump rather than Hilary Clinton is real face of US.
Meanwhile, the Ecuadorian president, who was instrumental in offering Mr Asaange a safe haven in country's embassy in London, when the latter was under the threat of extradition, lost no time in supporting Hilary Clinton in the forthcoming presidential election.
Within the UK's leading index, Hilary Clinton knocked UK pharmaceutical companies after she launched an attack on drugs companies.
administration -- whether Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton end up winning the U.
Hilary Clinton announced that she has garnered enough delegates to be the Democratic Party's nominee for the upcoming US presidential elections.
If I had a quid for every time someone asked me if my name was really Hilary Clinton, I would be a multimillionaire or a billionaire" Hilary Clinton whose name is similar to US hopeful.
Examples from real interviews of well-known figures such as Hilary Clinton and George W.
According to a survey conducted by British organisation Yougov, former United States first lady Hilary Clinton is the third most popular woman.
Apart from the celebrities, the book also revealed some unknown details about various politicians including Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.
The missives were variously marked 'sensitive' 'confidential' and 'NOFORN' - which means 'no foreign nationals' "Various contacts referred to Wales as 'our country' to embassy officials on multiple occasions," then US ambassador Louis Susman wrote to former American secretary of state Hilary Clinton.
As managing director of the New Connaught Rooms in London, Arnold played host to the world's leading politicians, royalty and Alist celebrities, including Prince Philip, Hilary Clinton and Mick Jagger.
24 ( ANI ): For most Americans, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton remains the most popular political choice, according to a recent poll.
Kerry has succeeded Hilary Clinton, who completed her tenure last month.
Political stalwart Hilary Clinton, pictured below, may now be heading to the big screen, sharing her life story with the world.