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Edmund King, the organisation's president, said cyclists and drivers were "often the same people", adding: "The Highway Code is important whether you are on two wheels or four.
The charity's spokesman, Jason Wakeford, said: "These figures suggest stopping distances taught to new drivers in the Highway Code fall woefully short.
While most of the Highway Code rules are common sense, here are a few that you could be prosecuted for disobeying.
In response, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has been encouraging drivers to sign up to receive reminders and updates about the Highway Code on email or social media.
Please can we let the highway code rule and stop these ridiculous suggestions?
It seems the spokesman has not followed his own advice and read the Highway Code.
ANKARA (CyHAN)- According to the law adopted in Turkey in 2012, the scenes from national films with violation of highway code was prohibited in the country, Zaman newspaper reported on Saturday.
The 45-year-old is believed to have told candidates when to use "dui", Mandarin for "yes", on Highway Code questions.
I do my best to ride courteously and strictly in accordance with the Highway Code, always wear high-visibility clothing and a helmet and am lit up like a Christmas tree at night, including head torch to be seen by joining traffic above parked cars.
Summary: The Minister of Equipment and Transport, Aziz Rebbah, deemed it necessary to review certain provisions of the Highway Code in consultation with professionals and civil society.
uk, an online car insurance provider and member of the Admiral Group, has announced new research which reveals how quickly people forget the Highway Code after having to memorise it for their driving test.
30) when long-time leader Arrayan unseated Conor O'Farrell after the final flight, leaving the well-backed Highway Code to come home a comfortable winner.
Summary: Rabat - Transport Minister Karim Ghellab said, on Thursday in Rabat, that a total of 68 technical and administrative procedures were established for the implementation of the Highway Code, including standard fines.
The agenda of the session, which is attended by journalists and communicators from different national written press and audiovisual media, includes scientific workshops focusing on the situation of road accidents in Tunisia and the new provisions of the Highway Code.
It is worrying to see so many British motorists 'crash and burn' when tested on standard Highway Code rules.
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