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The most significant attribute of AZ-6 is that it incorporates higher plant dry weight and rubber content into one line as well as faster growth potential.
In addition, the insertion height differences between the lower and higher plant populations were greater in the second year compared to the previous year, and more available water (Figure 1) may have caused stem etiolation.
It's showed that higher plant density reduced number of rows per ear in whole hybrids their experiment [2].
The statistical procedures adopted could not recognize differences among the treatments, nevertheless, the numeric trend follows more or less similar pattern of the data of 30 DAS, advocating the erect plant growth and higher plant density as a reason for more resting adults on these treatments.
Furthermore, the good monsoon in the current year has resulted in higher plant load factor (PLF) and hence, larger accruals.
We are also drawing on the broader Petrofac expertise and systems to focus on working with BP to drive higher plant reliability and availability over the duration of this contract.
Plant assays lacks general acceptance because of the problem that faces all higher plant test systems: namely, plant cells are distantly separated physiologically and phylogenetically from human cells (Nilan 1978).
The increase in net profit was driven mainly by increased volumes, higher plant capacity utilisation, cost saving initiatives and improved pricing structures, the statement said.
0 Animal species, total known Animal species, threatened Higher plant species, total known Higher plant species, threatened GEF benefits index for biodiversity (0-100, median is 1.
Historically CO2 is a spin-off from high global temperature, being generated by higher plant growth and subsequent decay.
Brown reports the majority of the increase in yield proved to be from improved plant genetics, but there was a 10% average increase in yield when the varieties were planted using today's management practices (narrower row width, higher plant population and additional nitrogen).
based firm (NYSE: ARJ) said the lower operating results in this division were due to lower sales, increased research and development costs for new product development, and higher plant maintenance costs.
The result of the Saint-Gobain Groups know-how and R&D, the renovated furnace also boasts new technical and environmental performances: around 10% higher plant productivity, 25% lower energy consumption and 20% fewer CO2 emissions compared to the previous facility.
Despite the increase in fuel prices, there was a reduction in IPP costs because of higher plant dispatch and the recent Peso appreciation.
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