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the display of a motion picture

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fabric of metal or plastic mesh

the act of concealing the existence of something by obstructing the view of it

testing objects or persons in order to identify those with particular characteristics

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Toxicologists, food and drug scientists, other medical specialists, and representatives of equipment companies survey modern high-throughput screening methods and equipment being used to test for toxicity in food and drugs.
Some of the methods presented in several of the chapters are complex and labor-intensive, and may not be suitable for high-throughput screening.
RapidFire lead discovery is described as a mass spectrometry-based technology for enabling the high-throughput screening of biochemical assays.
A bilayer cell-free protein synthesis system for high-throughput screening of gene products, Febs Lett.
As part of its high-throughput screening program, Johnson Matthey:
The price paid by Molecular Devices for LJL Biosystems attests to the feeding frenzy associated with high-throughput screening and SNP analysis, but $253 million seems a bit over the top.
The EPA would probably bear the cost of the high-throughput screening, he adds, but chemical manufacturers would be responsible for the rest.
NEXUS Biosystems announced that Vanderbilt University's High-Throughput Screening (HTS) Facility has selected the Universal Store to manage its ever-growing collection of synthetic small molecules and natural products.
Enzyme assays; high-throughput screening, genetic selection and fingerprinting.