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tower consisting of a multistoried building of offices or apartments


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final days The Plean Street high-rise tower block was knocked down in 2010
RISE AND FALL: High-rise tower blocks and massive housing estates were built on greenfield sites in Kings Norton after the Second World War.
Its EcoPod system, designed by Belfry managing director Keith Rimmer, can reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions by more than 40% for high-rise tower blocks and can alert landlords when vulnerable tenants fail to adequately heat their properties.
One painting depicts the Grand Walk in Vauxhall Gardens, which closed in 1859 and is now home to high-rise tower blocks.
The future of a site where two high-rise tower blocks once stood has still not been decided.
She said: "He ordered the destruction of most private homes and replaced them with high-rise tower blocks.
Across the main road from the Jaguar car plant on the edge of Birmingham stands Castle Vale housing estate, a sprawling mass of 1960s high-rise tower blocks and maisonettes covering 2.
This book is a healthy antidote to those who only find London dirty, crowded, over-priced and smelly, to those who can remember a London without the blight of high-rise tower blocks, flyovers and the ugly monstrosities that have turned the City into a bastard `New York on the Thames'.
Controversial plans to build three high-rise tower blocks on the site of a former perfume factory inNorth Actonwere rejected on Wednesday (February 21).
THE Chronicle is calling on housing providers to fit our region's high-rise tower blocks with sprinklers - a move we estimate could cost around PS10m.
Large high-rise tower blocks and a variety of low-rise homes replaced them in a mainly landscaped environment.
One of the high-rise tower blocks in Jarrow which are undergoing work
Belfry's EcoPod was also highly commended in the Industrial/ Commercial Heating Product of the Year category Managing director Keith Rimmer specifically designed the system to overcome fuel poverty in high-rise tower blocks.
Should the land occupied by the markets be given over to shops, houses, flats, high-rise tower blocks, or a combination of all of these possibilities?
The high-rise tower blocks that he built were hated by conservative architects - and many who were forced to live in them.