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a very tall building with many stories

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According to the source, the high-rise building has been decalred a security risk but it has put the civic agency in an awkward situation as the owner could claim a compensation of Rs50 billion from the CDA in case it was demolished.
Nonetheless, semi-structured interviews will be conducted to a sample of respondents related in the effect of overdevelopment of high-rise building in Penang Island.
He is currently directing a number of other major high-rise building complexes, including the tallest building currently underway in Singapore, the Tanjong Pagar Mixed Development, and the tallest building underway in Malaysia, Star Residences.
The impact of high-rise buildings on urban skylines is becoming more evident; it is a result of individual significant projects that affect urban visual identities.
The wide span and low center of gravity contribute to the safe and efficient dismantling of high-rise buildings.
The four people were killed when two cranes fell from the 60th floor of a high-rise building under construction.
Emergencies such as fires, bomb scares and earthquake present special dangers for high-rise buildings.
Participating in public forums, which lend support to the efforts of city building departments in maintaining high standards for new construction, is a final way in which local structural engineers are involved with the high-rise building issue.
Deep Foundation / Excavation / Earthmoving / construction of a residential high-rise building with 19 apartments and underground parking for 60 cars, 2,813 mA of living space and underground parking for 60 cars, 2,813 mA living space, 16 400 mA of enclosed space.
The successful fire sprinkler activation comes just two years after the fire sprinkler system successfully extinguished another kitchen fire on the eleventh floor of the same high-rise building on April 28, 2012.
Byline: A construction worker was killed when he fell from a high-rise building being built in the Al Karama area of Ajman.
Signifying a shift toward enhanced high-rise building evacuation safety in the post 9/11 environment, the International Code Council (ICC) membership has voted to revise the International Building Code to include New York City's standard requiring the installation of glow-in-the-dark path markings in the stairwells of new high-rise buildings.
Contract notice: Heating equipment installation / construction of a residential high-rise building with 19 apartments and underground parking for 60 cars.
The weaknesses in the LSE were evident following a fire on the thirty-sixth floor of the residential high-rise building at 260 East Chestnut on December 10, 2009.
For the time being, high-rise building is an inescapable feature of Southeast Asian architecture, a banal typology in ascendancy because of soaring land values.