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tackles Baseldutsch, while there are also French and high German editions of this book.
9 dubious Low German loan stems (four of these may be High German loans) may be descriptive stems Finnic (with possible cognates in other Finnic languages, e.
The enforcement of such policies disturbed the traditional practices of Mennonite communities, and established a hierarchical language system of intersecting classes of linguistic space, specifically: English for school; High German for church; and Low German for home and everyday life.
xv), the heroine of Hartmann's other romance, Erec (the Middle High German of the text he cites has only diu schoenste maget).
He gave each character an identity that enabled the audience to follow a piece written in Latin, Middle High German and Old French.
Studying primarily poems written in Middle High German around the year 1200, most notably Parzival, Tristan und Isold, and the Nibelungenlied, he applies some of the same methods that have been used to study transgressive sexuality to the study of "courtly love.
In fact, German Jews were ahead of the general population on many measures of modernization, such as urbanization, the use of standard high German, entry into the free professions, secularization, attitudes regarding personal hygiene, decreasing birthrates, and regard for children and education.
Das Nibelungenlied had already survived in oral tradition for six or seven centuries before it was reworked into our Middle High German epic for performance at a south German or Austrian court around the year 1200.
project entitled: A corpus-based comparative study of Old English and Old High German word order in different text types (to be completed in 2009).
Matthew, 16, from Fenham, opened his letter this morning to find he was commended for his high German marks next month he will start A-level maths, physics, English and graphics.
A New History of German Literature is large: In just over a thousand pages it winds its way over a thousand years of history, across different genres, disciplines, and cultures, from the tenth-century magical formulas written in alliterative Old High German to W.
That grounding stemmed from his experience in the theater and his early break with the grand traditions of high German theater in favor of naturalism.
The constant pressure to assimilate is probably best exemplified in the replacement of Yiddish with High German and the diminished role of Hebrew, which is all too often seen as the touchstone of German Jews' embourgeoisement.
High German net contributions, massive immigration pressure, and problems with integrating foreign workers would quickly lead to a political movement in favor of Germany leaving the European Union: get back the deutsche mark, control immigration, and save on billions in EU contributions.
Leiss argues from the detailed analysis of Old Norse, Gothic and Old High German.