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9 dubious Low German loan stems (four of these may be High German loans) may be descriptive stems Finnic (with possible cognates in other Finnic languages, e.
The Ambassador said that the embassy was built in a civilized manner keeping the Islamic originality of the building, the high German taste and the requirements of the modern era in the design of the building which consists of four floors above ground and two below.
The government also pressed Mennonites to teach Russian in their schools, alongside High German, but left them free to speak Low German (a Northern German dialect with some Dutch influence) in the everyday (Thiessen 2003, x-xiii; Staliunas 2007).
A sampling of topics: parenthetical agent-demoting constructions in Eastern Khanty, joint information value of syntactic and semantic prominence for subsequent pronominal reference, rhetorical relations and verb placement in Old High German, visual salience and the other one, and establishing salience during narrative text comprehension, among other topics.
Credited with being the first named author in German, he compiled a bilingual dictionary in Latin and Old High German called the Codex Abrogans, often described as the first German book.
With only one exception, the Old High German treatise of Notker Labeo (p.
The world star enjoyed the same kind of language game associated with the "Wiener Gruppe" group of poets and often used a peculiar mixture of Viennese dialect, High German and English.
What really distinguishes the brand is the high German quality of the machines," according to Hani Arwan of Arwani Trading, EWM's UAE agent.
He gave each character an identity that enabled the audience to follow a piece written in Latin, Middle High German and Old French.
Instead, he frequently makes comparisons between the Middle High German texts that are his focus and,, for example, Arthurian courtly literature.
The ancient root meaning of 'leader' in Old High German is to undergo, suffer or endure (to bear the pain)," Ballengee adds.
Chapter 18 mirrors the function of Chapter 16 in that it offers seven case studies on morphological change: from Old English to Modern English, from Old High German to New High German, from Latin to French, from Vedic to modern Indic languages, from Archaic Chinese to Mandarin, from Classical Arabic to Modern Arabic, as well as on morphological change in Tok Pisin.
Das Nibelungenlied had already survived in oral tradition for six or seven centuries before it was reworked into our Middle High German epic for performance at a south German or Austrian court around the year 1200.
project entitled: A corpus-based comparative study of Old English and Old High German word order in different text types (to be completed in 2009).
When the Swiss German-speakers wish to write, they write their own Katharevousa, which is High German.