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a group in the Anglican Church that emphasizes the Catholic tradition (especially in sacraments and rituals and obedience to church authority)

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As such, Atterbury and the High Church party could hardly ignore it for long.
As we have seen, throughout the 1690s the High Church party had repeatedly accused the Latitudinarians of doctrinal heterodoxy, but what made matters worse in the eyes of High Churchmen was the end to which that heterodoxy was directed.
To force as many Dissenters as possible to decide between the meeting hall and the church is precisely what the High Church party wanted, for they believed that by this means large numbers of Dissenters could be brought back into the national church.
Insofar as it can be rationally defined, what Arnold means by "Judaism" in such passages is the High Church Party of John Henry Newman and Edward B.
gives us a systematic introduction to the story of the deep division which arose within the High Church party between traditionalists of the Right (Graham Leonard and Gareth Bennett - a suicide), who have migrated toward the Roman Church, and Anglo-Catholics of the Left such as the Jubilee Group and Affirming Catholicism (led by Bishops Richard Holloway and Rowan Williams), groups who have embraced the ordination of women as part of the natural development of Catholicism and who have extended hospitality to gay and lesbian Christians.
Put in very general terms, the argument is that much more survived of the old high church party and sentiment than the thin red line of 'Orthodoxy' throughout the eighteenth century which is commonly suggested.
Among the more important findings in this detailed survey is the fact, not always recognized, of variety and change within the old high church party.