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a group in the Anglican Church that emphasizes the Catholic tradition (especially in sacraments and rituals and obedience to church authority)

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Canterbury was home to both vigorous High Church and latitudinarian movements who pushed for reform well before the advent of the nineteenth century.
In the 19th Century, the Tractarian or High Church Movement really developed in the East End of London and poorer parts of our cities when people's lives were dull and hopeless.
Next week borough councillors are expected to grant planning permission for 20 mobile homes to be sited on a large field in the High Church residential area, which has previously been used as a caravan site during major council house renovation work.
The second, which the author might have inferred from his application to Peter Nockles, is that while no ginger group could be expected to take its gospel from the religion of the average Englishman, the Tractarians like the old High Church party before them were an important part of the process in which the Church of England turned its back on ordinary English religion, and this, whether the C of E is regarded as a church or as an establishment, was a serious business.
The High Church movement, which was gaining strength in the parishes of England, hated Palmerston and Shaftesbury and realised that seldom has any one un-elected man had such influence.
There is usually truth on both sides and we need to learn to listen to each other - fundamentalists and liberals, high church and low.
All Saints Church had always been considered to be High Church in the Anglican tradition but by 1906 such was the leaning towards Anglo-Catholicism that the Bishop of York put an "Episcopal ban" on the church, which lasted 30 years.
Janet Rice, 85, of High Church, waited outside the town hall for three hours to see the couple, and she was delighted when Prince Charles shook her hand.
This took place alongside, as it were, the High Church revival.
Question nine: At the corner of West Street and High Church Wynd stands a house on which boasts a blue name plaque stating "Elizabethan: probably oldest dwelling in Yarm".
I further point out that it wasn't just the river that caused problems, considering that High Church and large areas of Kirkhill have also been flooded.
Brunswick Village; West Denton; Walbottle; Gosforth Garden Village; Walkerville; Newcastle University's students' union branch; Kenton Road; Clayton Road, Jesmond; Howard Street, East Quayside; Bates Cottages, Whitley Bay; Sunderland Road, Gateshead; Crookhill, Ryton; Winlaton Mill; Blackhall Mill; West Wylam, Prudhoe; Francesville, Scotland Gate, Choppington; High Church, Morpeth; College Place, Ashington; Nelson Village, Cramlington; Humshaugh
The last section is an overview of the influence that plainchant came to have on High Church Anglicanism in the mid-nineteenth century.
From the main square in Wolverley (Map 138/830793) walk along the road with the high church on your right.
While they can get on with the Protestant wing of the Church of England they have always had difficulty with the High Church section and a dislike bordering on hatred for the Anglo-Catholic section of that church.