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a group in the Anglican Church that emphasizes the Catholic tradition (especially in sacraments and rituals and obedience to church authority)

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Among his topics are rewriting the historiography of the high church revival, outside influences: continental church tourism, high churchmanship and French Catholics, ecclesiological and contested identities: the parting of ways, and modern destinies: the revival into the 20th century.
DEAR Editor, AS a High Church Anglican, I am disappointed that the Church feels the best way to halt the decline in church attendance is to turn churches into venues where the video game Pokemon Go can be played.
Other high church officials attending are Cardinals Timothy Dolan of New York, Oswald Garcia of India, Joseph Zen of Hong Kong, Peter Erdo of Hungary, and John Onaiyekan of Nigeria.
Chapter 3, entitled "Revivalism and Church Order: Late Victorian Missionary Expansion," deals primarily with the effect of new forms of pietism that arose in the later part of the 19th century, profoundly impacting both evangelical and high church missions.
As a committed Evangelical who was deeply engaged in the works of the erastian [sic] Ecclesiastical Commission, the High Church and Anglo-Catholics treated him with suspicion.
All welcome after the service to The Sun Inn, High Church, Morpeth for light refreshments.
Then our family moved to a High Church Parish and we learnt that Sundays are always festivals and so they are not part of the abstinence.
A Bible study on the Gospel of John pushed him further towards the high church.
The Fellowship of the Blessed John Henry Newman (Newman Fellowship) offers traditional, high church worship and classical appeal.
THE Sydney based a cappella Spooky Men's Chorale are an ensemble that sounds as sacred as a high church choir one minute and wickedly off the wall the next, with a repertoire ranging from ABBA to Georgian folk songs.
Having shunned the trappings of the high church, Cardinal Bergoglio was, until his meteoric rise to worldwide fame, living in an apartment, cooking his own meals and taking the bus to work.
She was not strictly speaking High Church or Evangelical because her family background was radical, intellectual and avant garde.
Ochs wants to make a tight syllogistic case, but it is likely that it is the deep ecumenical sensibilities of his high church Protestant friends that both attract them to him and make them sensitive to what Ochs idiosyncratically sees as postliberalism and less inclined to classic Christian triumphalism, which is, of course, bad for the Jews.
Wright argues that Coleridge ultimately developed into a High Church Tory in a way that foreshadowed the Oxford Movement.
There is room for high church and Anglo-Catholic as well as evangelical.