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Synonyms for Anglo-Catholicism

a doctrine and practice within the Church of England emphasizing the Catholic tradition

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Conversion questioned: Ramabai's theological debate with representatives of the high Anglican movement
5) </pre> <p>In this particular letter, Faber is actually lamenting his inability to experience strong religious enthusiasm, but there is also a sense here that he is attracted to a High Anglican emphasis on sobriety as opposed to the "fevered" enthusiasm of Evangelicalism, perhaps an element of pride as well as lamentation.
Written as if by a foaming High Anglican zealot of the most bigoted stamp, and drawing extensively on high church sermons, the pamphlet argued that the best way of dealing with the dissenters was to banish them abroad and send their preachers to the hangman.
Some of the music was drawn from Diana's life: High Anglican church repertoire, pop favorites such as "Candle in the Wind" (which was buried in an aria), and Purcell's funeral music, which was elongated and given a pop mix.
The Crown, notably Elizabeth and the early Stuarts, backed by high Anglican bishops, wished them to be set apart by their daily dress, ritual vestments and style of life, and to serve the state as channels of royal propaganda and control, while the more democratic tendency represented by the Puritans emphasised their preaching rather than their sacerdotal function for a laity who were their own mediators with God.
Here we are in one of those High Anglican, faux Roman Catholic, churches where people greet one another with "Bless
This book breaks important new ground by suggesting that, on the contrary, the poetry, thinking, and culture of the High Anglican community called the Tractarians strongly influenced Hopkins's poetry not just before his conversion (as has been readily acknowledged), but also afterwards, and in fact provided material and models to the end of his life.
Although service details remain to be completed, Diana is expected to be memorialized in a traditional high Anglican ceremony.
High Anglican Tony Blair waxes lyrical, arguing that churches could make a contribution to society instead of leaving things to politicians and saying: "We'll just talk to you in church every Sunday".
while Newman was evidently steering a via media between the "X's" and the "Z's," should one conclude that "Newman's journey to Rome followed a Protestant prophetical route as well as a High Anglican ecclesiastical one" (178)?
The collections examine women writers of a wide range of political positionw, from Tory high Anglican Mary Astell (Catherine Sharrock) to the radical women prophets of the Civil War (Dianne Putkiss, both in Grundy and Wiseman), and they do not neglect some of the paradoxes and contradictions inherent for women in some of these political positions: Catherine Sharrock deals among other issues with the relationship between Astell's political acceptance of the patriarchal authority of kings and her more painful struggle with the authority of husbands, and a number of other contributors deal with the central question of the relationship/s between gender and authority in the way a range of women understood their historical positions.
He said: "I was brought up a High Anglican, went to a liberal Catholic church where I was an altar server.
The dimensions of Lutyens's cathedral are staggering: 680ft long by 400ft wide' the dome was to be 168ft in diameter and rising to 510ft, which would dwarf the 331ft high Anglican Cathedral tower, and would have been 60ft taller than St Peter's, Rome.