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Dutch painter (1450-1516)

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What do Augustine of Hippo (Saint Augustine), Mechtild of Hackeborn, Leonin, Hieronymous Bosch, and Augusta Savage all have in common?
He claims to have had "a nightmare" but Hieronymous Bosch after a night on Edam and Absinthe couldn't have conjured up a more miserable picture.
Hieronymous Bosch, Piranesi, Flaubert in Egypt, first editions of Byron (mad, bad and dangerous to know?
Darkly imagined by Kafka, Swift, the Kurt Vonnegut from the Welcome to the Monkey House years, and transcribed by Hieronymous Bosch, they cast a wary eye on the day after tomorrow, the important universes just out of our line of sight.
Imagine a Hieronymous Bosch mural styled by Primark and you're getting there.
Coleman's paintings are dense compositions in the stylistic vein of Hieronymous Bosch by way of R.
To understand his art better, therefore, students should look at more of Bruegel's pictures and also look at the paintings of earlier artists such as Hieronymous Bosch.
You may remember their covers: phantasmagorical pictures of death and torture by Hieronymous Bosch and Pieter Brueghel, far from the peace and love zeitgeist.
Though Holcombe has cited Pieter Bruegel, Francisco de Zurbaran, Caravaggio, and Hieronymous Bosch as influences, references to Petrus Christus, Dosso Dossi, and Pieter Claesz are also readily discernible in her work.
Some of these artists are Pieter Brueghel and Hieronymous Bosch, as well as the Spanish artist, Francisco Goya, and the British artist, Thomas Gilray.