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German writer (1830-1914)

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Storm bestritt, dass er von Heyses Thema beeinflusst war, gab jedoch zu, dass er den letzten "Ruck" von Heyse bekommen habe und durch den Kontakt mit dem Kieler Frauenarzt die endgultige passende Krankheit, namlich, Carcinoma uteri, fur die Novelle gefunden habe.
That is why his claim of similarities between Lazarevic's stories and those by Paul Johann Ludwig von Heyse (73) and his finding of comparative connections between Serbian and German literatures can be seriously questioned.
These screening assays enable a systematic assessment of candidate compounds by testing their activity on therapeutic targets--that is, biomolecules that are causally involved in disease outbreak or disease progression (Fischer and Heyse 2005).
It consequently comes as a shock to learn of Georg Brandes's preference for the idealist Heyse (destined for the Nobel Prize as Ibsen notoriously was not) over Ibsen; it well illustrates Moi's argument about the persistence of the idealist tradition in European culture.
Karl Wilhelm Ludwig Heyse, Bucherschatz der deutschen Nationalliteratur des XVI.
Nor does he even acknowledge the fascination with Greek tragic thinking in the work of National Socialist philosophers like Alfred Baeumler, Kurt Hildebrandt, and Hans Heyse.
Heyse had selected the following criteria by which the beers were to be evaluated: color, head, structure, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, balance, and overall quality.
It is the first fully integrated expert system which helps to increase the productivity of HTS, thus paving the way to increased success rates in lead discovery", said Stephan Heyse, project leader of GeneData Screener.
I only regret that you have wasted your talent on such a repulsive subject," Paul Heyse wrote Italo Svevo about his second novel, As a Man Grows Older, and except for a brief comment in the paper Svevo wrote articles for, no Italian paper ever mentioned the book.
Herzl replied by reciting a poem by the poet Paul Heyse, about whom he had written one of his journalistic stories.
the mystical writings of Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim, poetry of Friedrich Spee and Friedrich Klopstock, a novel of Clemens Brentano, plays by Friedrich Hebbel and Paul Heyse, and sermons of Eugen Drewermann.
The second, and more recent, approach is to estimate a Box-Jenkins time series model as was done by Helmer and Johansson (1977), Hanssens (1980), Bhattacharyya (1982), and Heyse and Wei (1985).
He examines a host of professional philosophers, now largely forgotten, figures such as Ernst Krieck, Hans Heyse, Alfred Baeumler, Felix Krueger, Bruno Bauch, and Nicolai Hartmann, together with their speeches, articles, journals, and organizations.