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German writer (1830-1914)

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Some people in the news business can become calloused by the grind of daily events, but Heyse didn't see that with Bruce.
Mais tarde, Paul Heyse --usando uma das novelas de Boccaccio como exemplo--desenvolve a 'teoria do falcao', segundo a qual o conflito central de uma novela deve ser sintetizado por uma imagem concreta, que recorre nos momentos-chave do texto, tal como um Leitmotiv (FREUND, 2009, p.
Entre los primeros son ilustrativas las paginas dedicadas a Hauptmann o al cuentista aleman Heyse, al dramaturgo de moda Ibsen de quien comenta Peer Gynt, Nora de Casa de Munecas y Romersholm.
This is not the proper forum to decide social issues,'' Heyse, an assistant attorney general, told the judge during the arguments.
Marliees Casier, Petra Heyse, Noel Clycq, Sami Zemni and Christiane Timmerman, "Breaking the In-Group: Shifting Boundaries in Transnational Partner Choice Processes of Individuals of Moroccan, Tunisian, Algerian,
The expansion of Tecteo's activities in print and digital media is a logical step in the company's growth strategy and further strengthens its presence in the French-language media sector, CFO Pol Heyse said.
Valmont Industries Inc (NYSE: VMI), a manufacturer of engineered products for infrastructure, mechanised irrigation equipment for agriculture, and a provider of coating services, has named Richard P Heyse as its new executive vice president.
The generation of Realist prose authors is represented by some works of Paul Heyse, Friedrich Spielhagen and Theodor Fontane.
Wichtig ist es hier anzumerken, dass der Dichterkollege Paul Heyse 1884 eine Novelle mit dem Titel Auf Tod und Leben schrieb, (15) die 1886 erschien und in der auch das Thema Carcinoma in den Mittelpunkt geruckt wird.
Llamas Ubieto propone pues una reflexion sobre la antinovela, segun Sandoval Lopez, y sobre el genero novelistico y el otro en la Edad Moderna, en la postmodernidad y en la Novelle, siguiendo a Sklowskij, Paul Heyse y la FalkenTheorie, entre otros.
Tilley BC, Alarcon GS, Heyse SP, Trentham DE, Neuner R, Kaplan DA, et al.
One such poet, Emanuel von Geibel (1815-1884), never traveled to Spain, but his translations of Spanish poetry, titled Volkslieder und Romanzen der Spanier (Folk Songs and Romances of Spain, 1843), and Spanisches Liederbuch (Spanish Song-Book, 1850) published in collaboration with Paul Heyse (1830-1914), inspired the song settings by Schumann and Wolf mentioned above.
Ann Heyse teaches English at Westminster Christian Academy, a college preparatory school in St.