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Czechoslovakian chemist who developed polarography (1890-1967)

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Heyrovsky, "Practical Applications of the Polarographic Method in Chemistry" Enlarged Russian Edition.
Estos estudios permitieron que para el ano 1959, el cientifico checo Jaroslav Heyrovsky (1890 - 1967), recibiera el premio nobel de quimica por sus aportes en los estudios de electroquimica analitica "descubrimiento y desarrollo del metodo analitico de polarografia (Haman et al.
Heyrovsky Institute for Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
The Czechoslovakian physical chemist Jaroslav Heyrovsky (1890-1967) had worked for years on a device that contained a mercury electrode so arranged that a small drop of mercury repeatedly fell through a solution to a mercury pool beneath.
Its Institute of Physical Chemistry, better known as the Heyrovsky Institute, bears the name of a key figure in the world of 20th century physical chemistry.