ascorbic acid

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a vitamin found in fresh fruits (especially citrus fruits) and vegetables

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Based on the obtained results, in patients with untreated JIA, we found a significant reduction of serum concentrations of CS, quantified by the hexuronic acid assay.
They were evaluated by the content of hexuronic acid (carbazole reaction) and the metachromasia produced by the glycosaminoglycans sulfated in the presence of 1.
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi reports isolating hexuronic acid, later identified as vitamin C (9/20/30, p.
vitamin C, they have my express permission to do so--or hexuronic acid or antiscorbutic vitamin or missing stress hormone.
Szent-Gyorgyi also isolated the substance from cabbages and oranges, both rich in vitamin C, but it took him a while to decide that hexuronic acid was itself the vitamin.
The new substance was named hexuronic acid, the research paper was published and Szent-Gyorgyi received his Ph.