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Morphology and development of the multiple lateral line canals on the trunk in two species of Hexagrammos (Scorpaeniformes, Hexagrammidae).
N X 7 65 4 O X 2 57 16 Anoplopomatidae Anoplopoma fimbria O X 2 247 10 (Sablefish) HEXAGRAMMIDAE Hexagrammos N X 1 235 decagrammus (Kelp S X 1 220 Greenling) Ophiodon elongatus N X 9 146 167 (Lingcod) S X X 4 181 66 O X X 56 219 29 COTTIDAE Hemilepidotus O X X 5 130 15 spinosus (Brown Irish Lord) Hemilepidotus O X 2 113 16 hemilepidotus (Red Irish Lord) Leptocottus N X X X 169 663 28 armatus (Pacific S X X X 13 168 24 Staghorn Sculpin) O X 3 113 15 Chitonotus O X 3 98 59 pugetensis (Roughback Sculpin) Radulinus O X 5 113 15 asprellus (Slim Sculpin) AGONIDAE Chesnonia N X X X 72 138 24.
1 poacher veternus Whitespotted Hexagrammos green ling stelleri Arctic Pleuronectes 0.
In the family Hexagrammidae (Scorpaeniformes), 5 species in the eastern North Pacific have larvae that are neustonic, heavily pigmented, and have a high total vertebral count: all 4 species in the genus Hexagrammos (H.
Many transient species used Eelgrass habitats either seasonally, and were absent during most of the year (such as Black and Copper Rockfishes), or appeared as YOY and remained for an extended period before no longer being detected in the area (such as Cabezon and Kelp Greenling, Hexagrammos decagrammus) (Fig.