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Lingcod (Ophiodon elongates) are members of the family Hexagrammidae and are found in the northeast coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean.
0 (Scomber japonicus) Greenlings: family Hexagrammidae Greenling/Lngcod, unidentified 0.
In the family Hexagrammidae (Scorpaeniformes), 5 species in the eastern North Pacific have larvae that are neustonic, heavily pigmented, and have a high total vertebral count: all 4 species in the genus Hexagrammos (H.
Here we compared Pacific cod to smaller-bodied species of fish--Cottidae, Hexagrammidae, Pleuronectidae, and Oncorhynchus.
Thornyheads 5 Hexagrammidae Ophiodon elongatus Lingcod 2 Cottidae Artedius spp.