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small genus of South American trees yielding latex

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As shown in the block diagram of figure 1, the Hevea brasiliensis wood can be dissolved by ionic liquids, and the cellulosic materials can then be isolated by precipitation.
and Mexico, and the natural rubber made from guayule is a plant-derived biomaterial similar to the natural rubber harvested from the Hevea brasiliensis rubber tree.
The first is Hevea brasiliensis, a tree that is grown at commercial scale in only a few countries.
Dogal lateks, Hevea Brasiliensis olarak bilinen tropikal kaucuk agacinin ozsuyundan elde edilir (Sekil 1).
Part 4, exploring the development of plantation hevea (which became the main source of natural rubber in the early 20th century), is notably uneven.
What is the common name for the plant hevea brasiliensis, which is now extensively grown in Malaysia and Liberia?
Which newspaper used the slogan 'All human hevea brasiliensis, which is now extensively life is there'?
Bridgestone Corporation has announced that it has successfully decoded the main genome sequence for Hevea brasiliensis - commonly known as the rubber tree - a tropical tree native to Brazil and currently the only plant that can produce natural latex rubber as a raw material for industrial applications.
Tokyo, July 10, 2012 - (JCN) - Bridgestone has successfully decoded the main genome sequence for Hevea brasiliensis, a euphorbiaceous plant material for producing latex commonly known as the rubber tree, which produces latex.
Inspiration for the product comes from the Amazonian tribes, who painted their feet soles with natural latex obtained from Hevea trees, the Daily Mail reported.
Ikram A, Jensen ES, Jakobsen I (1994) No significant transfer of N and P from Pueraria phaseoloides to Hevea brasiliensis via hyphal links of arbuscular mycorrhiza.
For Etre Hevea (Being a Rubber Tree), 2011, Tran created a sculptural triptych with wax casts of rubber-tree branches placed in three narrow casketlike wooden crates, which lay parallel across the gallery's concrete floor.
Stock Products: immediate shipment--Yulex[R] Natural Rubber Latex, Hevea Latex
My dog has a number of similar toys in my backyard, but those toys are not made with "Natural Rubber from the Hevea Tree" and hand-painted with "food paint" (from what I can tell from Wikipedia, a Hevea Tree is just a plain old rubber tree, with the name spiced up for marketing purposes).
Whether originating in Hevea brasiliensis or synthetic rubber elastomers, the mixing, milling and blending processes designed to create finished products can expose workers to dangerous chemicals or accidents in rubber mills.