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Synonyms for Heuchera

genus of North American herbs with basal cordate or orbicular leaves and small panicled flowers

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Heuchera villosa 'Big Top Gold' picks up the color of the citrus plant, and a weeping Purple , Pixie Loropetalum provides a dark counterpoint.
Some of the hardy geraniums are great for dappled shade, and Heuchera, 'Chocolate Ruffles' holds its intense color there.
You could easily mix and match a dozen or more Heuchera varieties in the shade of your redwoods.
Bold Delicate Glossy Variegated Red/Bronze Bergenia Achillea Ajuga Aegopodium Ajuga Hosta Aquilegia Sedum Ajuga Heuchera Artemisia Bergenia Heuchera Husker's Red Cerastium Lamium Sedum Perovskia Polemonium Thymus Blue Silver/Grey Yellow/Lime Spiky Fuzzy Aquilegia Artemisia Hosta Armeria Lychnis cor.
politella populations have shifted onto (or incorporated) yet a different saxifrage, Heuchera grossulariifolia, which has a floral structure completely different from Lithophragma species.
One such clade, the Heuchera group, presents a particularly valuable model for the analysis of chloroplast capture and its impact on phylogeny reconstruction.
Demonstrating Metropolitan's commitment to the region's landscape heritage, Pace joined Russo in ceremoniously planting California-native Coral Bells -- or Heuchera -- in the courtyard at the district's headquarters building near Union Station.
For smaller table arrangements consider cutting them with short stems and arrange in a block of moist flower foam beside the black grassy leaves of Ophiopogon Nigrescens and Heuchera Black Beauty.
Good specimens for wall planting include ferns, euphorbia, ajuga, heuchera and geraniums.
Good specimens include ferns, euphorbia, ajuga, heuchera and geraniums.
This week's best-selling offer is for five Heuchera Mixed (code P782) for only PS13.
Great ground & traps Great cover HEUCHERA KNOWN as coral bells, heucheras begin blooming in early June and don't stop until the end of August.
Good specimens are ferns, euphorbia, ajuga, heuchera and geraniums.